Somerville Pop Warner Football & Cheerleading

Somerville Pop Warner has finished their 53rd season and again had another great season for all our VILLEN Families. SPW finished the year with 4 teams, A, B, C +D all making the playoffs and 2 Cheer squads, B + D placing in the Eastern Ma Cheer competition and moving onto the second round. The most exciting team was our younger team, the E-team, “Mitey Mites” whom went on to having an undefeated season and winning the Baby Bowl. The E-team coached by Paul Goode and John Goncalves are our team of 7,8 and 1st year 9’s and have swept the hearts of all VILLEN families. These boys are well coached and have more heart than most, The Mitey Mites always come ready to play and stop at nothing to get the job done. These boys have nothing but pride and heart and love for the sport of football. If you want to really enjoy football and simply have fun, come watch these little guys play, they are definitely the future of Somerville football. SPW would like to Congratulate all our teams for a job well done and especially all the volunteers who give their time and patience. SPW would like to thank Somerville Recreation for their support and especially Steve Mac and the City workers who keep our kids safe on the field. All SomerVILLENS wish THE City of Somerville and especially our sports family a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and a MERRY CHRISTMAS

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