Real Life Somerville Police Stories:James PARIS (Shoplifting & Malden Warrants)

On October 24th, 2016, I, Officer Sousa, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in the Alpha Unit. At approximately 2:55pm, I responded with Ofc. Schnieder to Kmart for a shoplifter.


Upon arrival, we met with the reporting party XXXXX who works loss prevention for Kmart. XXXXX had observed the defendant conceal a pair of sneakers (Kmart merchandise) in his backpack that he had been carrying. We were able to stop the defendant after he left the store and bring him into the loss prevention office. At first, the defendant identified himself as YYYYY but Ofc. Schnieder recognized him from a previous shoplifting incident as Mr. James Paris of Quincy. Mr. Paris confirmed that was his real name and he had lied because he knew of outstanding warrants that he had. After looking at his BOP it was determined that he had two guilty findings for shoplifting. Mr. Paris was placed under arrest for MGL c.266/s.30A Shoplifting by Concealing Merchandise Third Offense and for two outstanding warrants. He was transported in marked unit 200 in the usual manner and booked by Lt. Digregorio.


Respectfully submitted,


Ofc. Sousa



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