Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Shawn FALVEY (B&E MV, Receiving Stolen Property)

On October 27, 2016, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser East 1. At approximately 1:19pm, I was dispatched to Stop & Shop, located at 775 McGrath Highway, for a white male wearing a black fleece checking car doors in the parking lot. Upon arrival, I observed a male matching the description given standing outside MA XXXXXX. I immediately recognized this male as Shawn Falvey, who has been the suspect to motor vehicle break-ins and narcotics violations in the past. The vehicle was registered to an YYYYY. As I turned my cruiser down the adjacent row of vehicles, I observed Falvey opened the driver’s door and enter the vehicle. At the same time, a Stop & Shop employee, ZZZZZ, flagged me down and pointed to Falvey stating “There he is”. Moments later, Falvey exited and opened the trunk and removed a box from the trunk. I pulled my cruiser behind the vehicle in question and identified myself. Falvey immediately stopped and stated “I’m just trying to take the loose change from these cars”. Due to being by myself, I placed Falvey in handcuffs (double locked) and read Falvey his Miranda warnings from a card I keep in my vest pocket. Falvey stated he understood, and would talk to me.


        I asked Falvey who the owner of the car was. He responded that he didn’t know, and he was just looking for change, or anything of value to help him buy drugs. Falvey informed me he recently relapsed, and is currently getting high on any pills he can get his hands on. I observed orange stains below his nose, and a small piece of an orange pill. Falvey stated he recently snorted a suboxone pill. Falvey admitted to stealing from at least three or four vehicles in the parking lot of Stop & Shop today. The box I observed Falvey take from the trunk of MA XXXXXX was a box of chocolates. This box was in Falvey’s hands when I stopped him. Falvey also produced a zip-loc bag containing $5.07 in assorted change, one full, and one partial marijuana pipe, and one earring. I began to empty Falvey’s pockets to locate any stolen property, and removed all items per inventory policy. I located a black wallet in Falvey’s left rear pocket. Inside the wallet was $24 cash, driver’s licenses belonging to AAAAA and BBBBB, CCCCC, and DDDDD. I also located numerous credit and debit cards, as well as personal documents for DDDDD. A continued search led me to a small yellow bottle that read “Freestyle Lite Blood Glucose Test Strips”. Upon removing the bottle I could hear rattling inside, which is not consistent with the test strips that should be inside the bottle. I opened the bottle to locate any further stolen jewelry, specifically a second earring to match the one already found. Inside I located an assortment of pills, one I immediately recognized as Clonazepam, a class C controlled substance. I also located a portion of an orange pill I believe to be suboxone. In addition, I located a cell phone, which Falvey admitted post-Miranda he had stolen, along with numerous other items. I was not able to locate YYYYY, or any of the other vehicles stolen. I was able to contact DDDDD, and he will be responding to the police station to retrieve his stolen belongings.


Based on above facts, I placed Shawn Falvey under arrest for the following charges:

Ch. 266/18 – B&E Vehicle in the Daytime with the intent to commit a Felony.

Ch. 266/60 – Receiving Stolen Property Over $250

Ch. 94C/34/E – Possession Class C (Clonazepam)

Ch. 94C/34/C – Possession Class B (Suboxone)


        Falvey was transported to the station in marked cruiser 781, where he was booked by Lt. Mulcahy. All items were tagged into evidence, pending more victims coming forward.


Respectfully Submitted,


Officer Tim Van Nostrand


Somerville Police Dept.


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