Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Kathleen SULLIVAN (Poss. Class B, Poss. to Dist. Class B, Poss. to Dist. Class C, Poss. to Dist. Class E)

The following is a brief summary to incident #16063702.


  Members of the Somerville Police Department Drug Control Unit initiated a drug investigation of Kathleen Sullivan and XXXXX and their alleged role in the ongoing distribution of controlled substances. The alleged distribution occurs from her residence located at 7 Kenneson Road, Somerville, Ma 02145. This investigation was launched upon cultivating intelligence and cooperation from two confidential Informants. Based on a personal safety concern expressed by the confidential sources should his or her identity become public knowledge, I respectfully decline to disclose the identity of the confidential sources for the purpose of this investigation and or report. The confidential sources will be referred to as CI#1 and CI#2 herein.


  During the course of this investigation CI#1 informed me that Sullivan has been making routine narcotic deliveries in the company of an unknown black male described as a tall, medium build, looked to be in his late twenties early thirties. CI#1 states that the black male has been operating an unknown blue vehicle. During surveillance of Miss. Sullivan’s residence, an unknown black male has been observed with Sullivan at her residence on a regular basis and it appears that he is staying there as the vehicle is observed parked at 7 Kenneson Road in the early morning hours on numerous occasions. The unknown black male matches the description given by CI#1 as the male that has been in her company while she is distributing narcotics. The unknown black male operates a Ford Fusion, which is a rental vehicle. After further investigation, the unknown black male has been identified as XXXXX.


  Also during the course of this investigation we received information from another confidential Informant (CI#2) that XXXXX goes by the street name YYYYY and that he is a Crack Cocaine dealer. CI#2 basis of knowledge was derived from numerous personal observations of YYYYY conducting Crack Cocaine transactions with prospective Crack Cocaine users. In a statement made against his or her own penal interest CI#2 admits to purchasing Crack Cocaine from YYYYY on a regular basis.


    Also During the course of this investigation, observations were made of Sullivan and XXXXX leaving the residence together and entering the rental vehicle, where they would pick up known drug abusers within the city of Somerville where they would go for a short ride. Based on our observations, training, and experience, we believed these quick/short rides to be consistent with how street level narcotics transaction’s are sometimes conducted. I would like to note that I am also aware that individuals involved in the sale of illegal controlled substances, frequently utilize rental vehicles to prevent law enforcement officials from identifying vehicles utilized by the drug dealer to facilitate drug deals. I am also aware that this practice is frequently used in an attempt to prevent law enforcement officials from seizing the vehicles as assets or property used to facilitate the sale of illegal drugs.


  At the conclusion of this drug investigation, a search warrant application was requested by me at the Somerville District Court on Thursday, October, 06, 2016. The search warrant (1610-SW-0064) was granted by the court authorizing the search of the following:



#1- The residence of 7 Kenneson Road, Somerville, Ma 02145 (search warrant docket # 1610-SW-0064).


#2- The person of Kathleen Sullivan, (search warrant docket #1610-SW-0064).


  On Friday, October, 07, 2016, Detective Sergeant Dan Rego, along with Detectives Fernando Cicerone, Doug Brioso, Guerdy Legros, and I conducted surveillance in the area of 7 Kenneson Road. At Approximately 0832 hrs, Observations were made of XXXXX walking from the rear of the residence using the left pathway to the residence and walking to his rental vehicle, which was parked in the front of 7 Kenneson Road. At this time, I along with Detective’s Cicerone, Brioso, Legros with our police badges prominently displayed on the exterior of our clothing approached XXXXX, to conduct a threshold inquiry. Once we announced that we were Police and for him not to move, XXXXX then began to run across the street where he jumped a six foot high fence and fled towards the Walnut Street area. At this point numerous Police Officers along with the assistance of State Police then began to search the area for XXXXX. As I remained on scene at 7 Kenneson Road, I observed Kathleen Sullivan along with two black males exiting the rear of the residence and walking towards the front of the residence. I along Detective Legros and Officer Chris Collette then detained Sullivan and the black males later identified as AAAAA and BBBBB.


  At this point I advised Sullivan of the search warrant. Sullivan was then placed into handcuffs for safety reasons. A copy of the search warrant was provided to Sullivan. After a quick pat frisk of AAAAA and BBBBB they were sent on their way. Sullivan was then read her rights pursuant to Miranda from a card I keep in my back pocket to my pants. Sullivan stated that she understood her rights. Sullivan shortly after was escorted back to her apartment where detectives began to execute the search warrant. During the search of 7 Kenneson Road, Detective’s and Officers on scene located 3 digital scales along with a baggie of a white rocky substance believed to be Crack Cocaine. Also found in the bedroom were numerous pills and numerous baggies.


  In a second bedroom, I observed men clothing in the closet and scattered throughout the bedroom. Also in the bedroom, correspondence was found in the bedroom addressed to XXXXX. It appears that XXXXX is living at 7 Kenneson Road. During conversation with Sullivan she stated that she is in a intimate relationship with XXXXX. Sullivan shortly after was then transported to Somerville Police Headquarters via marked unit 200, Officer Ducasse, where she was then booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant DiGregorio. Sullivan’s money was seized and will be subject for forfeiture proceeding.


I will also be filing an application for criminal complaint against XXXXX for the charges of :








Respectfully submitted,


Detective Jason Costa #301


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