Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Alexandre BRYNOLFSON (OUI Liquor, Open Container)

On Friday, October 07, 2016, I was assigned to marked unit west-6. At approximately 11:30 P.M., while parked outside 237 Elm Street, I observed a black Honda Civic pull into a bus stop then reversed and struck a motor vehicle parked outside 238 Elm Street.


I exited my cruiser and approached the operator of the striking vehicle, later identified as Alexandre Brynolfson, and asked him if he was hurt or needed medical attention. Mr. Brynolfson replied “No. I’m ok.” As I was talking to Mr. Brynolfson, I detected a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, and observed an open beer can (PBR) between the driver and the passenger seat, and six unopened beer cans on the passenger seat.


I asked Mr. Brynolfson if had consumed any alcohol and he replied “I had two beers at Redbones.” I then asked him if he suffered from any medical condition, had any injuries, or consumed any prescription medication that would affect his ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, and he replied “No.”


I asked Mr. Brynolfson to step out of the vehicle, and take a field sobriety test, to which he agreed. The test was administered on the side of the road, on a well-lighted, flat, non-slippery surface.


The first test I administered was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN), before the test I asked Mr. Brynolfson to remove his glasses. During this test, I observed a lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes, distinct and sustained nystagmus in both eyes, and an angle of onset prior to 45 degrees in both eyes.


The next test I administered was the Walk and Turn test, I explained, demonstrated, and administered the Walk and Turn test to Mr. Brynolfson. I instructed Mr. Brynolfson to place his left foot on the line and put his right foot in front of it, with his right heel touching his left toe and keep his hands by his side, then take nine heel-to-toe steps on the line, turn around keeping one foot on the line, and return nine heel-to-toe steps. During this test, Mr. Brynolfson stepped off the line, took twenty steps, and raised his arms to maintain his balance, he then turned around and took eighteen steps, stepped off the line, and raised his arms to maintain balance.


I then explained, demonstrated, and administered the One Leg Stand to Mr. Brynolfson. I instructed Mr. Brynolfson to stand with his heels together and arms by his side, and raise one leg approximately six inches off the ground, foot pointed out, keep both legs straight and keep eyes on the elevated foot, and while holding that position to count out loud; one thousand and one, one thousand and two, one thousand and three, and so forth until told to stop. During this test, Mr. Brynolfson put his foot down too soon and was unable to maintain his balance.


Based on my observations, I placed Mr. Brynolfson under arrest for OUI Liquor. He was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters via unit 200, operated by Officer Radochia, and booked by Lieutenant Lavey.


Officer Bork administered the Blood Alcohol Test (BAT) to Mr. Brynolfson, with a test result of 0.19% BAC.


I issued citation# R7642279 to Mr. Brynolfson for OUI Liquor, and open alcohol container in a motor vehicle. The beer cans were confiscated and place into evidence.




Respectfully submitted, 




Officer Samir Messaoudi #312

Somerville Police Dept.


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