Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Stanley GEORGES (Receive Stolen MV, Conceal Weapon) & Jude EUDOR (same + Possess to Distribute Class B)

I, Officer Michael Marra, report the following summary of events based on direct and indirect interviews with the persons named.


          On Tuesday August 23, 2016, I, Officer Marra, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked cruiser 873, patrolling area E3, for the Somerville Police Department. Riding with me was Officer McCarey #298. At the beginning of our shift we were advised by the previous shift that there was a Gray Dodge Charger with Mass Reg XXXXX attached seen earlier in the day in the Winter Hill area. This vehicle was listed as stolen out of Boston NIC# V708622777 on 08/15/2016.


          At approximately 5:10 pm I was in the area of Broadway and Grant Street, a public way in the City of Somerville. I noticed a Gray Dodge Charger pass by me traveling westbound on Broadway. This charger had Mass Reg XXXXX attached to it. A query of this registration confirmed that it was still listed as stolen. I pulled in behind the vehicle as it turned North onto Temple Street from Broadway. I activated my emergency blue lights and siren to affect a motor vehicle stop. The motor vehicle pulled over in front of 28 Temple St. I notified Dispatch of our location, that the vehicle was occupied with two individuals, and to request backup due to the nature of the stop. Officer McCarey and I then approached the vehicle and asked the driver and passenger to exit the vehicle. The driver was later identified as Stanley Georges. The passenger was identified as Jude Eudor. I proceeded to frisk Eudor for weapons. During the search I recovered a black handled Schrade folding knife approximately 3 1/4″ in length in his left front pocket. When I reached into the pocket to recover the knife I felt a small bag on top of the knife. Along with the knife was a small bag of a green leafy substance that I immediately recognized as Marijuana. At this time backup units arrived on scene. East 1 Officer Messaoudi #312 and East 4 Officer Goncalvez #314. Officer Messaoudi performed a frisk on Georges and recovered a gray handled spring assisted Frost folding knife approximately 3″ in length, from his left front pants pocket. The driver was asked who the owner of the vehicle was; he stated that a friend of his let him borrow it. I asked him his friend’s name and he responded with an older guy who comes around once in a while. He was unable to provide any other identifying information for the owner/renter of the vehicle.


          At this time I elected to place both individuals under arrest for violation of a City Ordinance 9-96 Knives and Dangerous Weapons (“any knife having any type of blade in excess of two and one-half inches”) and various larceny charges. All remaining property was removed from both parties in preparation for transport to the station. During this inventory search, the following items were recovered from the right front zippered pocket of Eudor: $235.00 in assorted bills, a plastic baggie containing 22 light blue pills marked ALG265 and 26 blue pills marked E8.


          An inventory search was conducted of the Dodge Challenger, during the search the keys to the vehicle were recovered along with a key ring indicating the vehicle is owned by Hertz Rental Car and three cell phones. Eudor claimed ownership of one cell phone. Neither party claimed ownership of the other two phones and stated that they did not know who they belonged to. Also recovered was a set of car keys belonging to a Kia vehicle, a gold necklace with a 1 ounce credit suisse gold pendant, and a rental agreement from a different rented motor vehicle belonging to a YYYYY. The vehicle was towed by Pat’s Towing.


          Both parties were transported by unit 200 to the station where they were booked in the usual manner by Lt. C. Ward.


          Stanley Georges will be charged with the following:


        (266/28/F) MOTOR VEH, RECEIVE STOLEN c266 S28

        (266/28/B) MOTOR VEH, LARCENY OF c266 S28


          Jude Eudor will be charged with the following:


        (266/28/F) MOTOR VEH, RECEIVE STOLEN c266 S28


        (266/28/B) MOTOR VEH, LARCENY OF c266 S28


        Civil Violation Possession of Marijuana 94c34L



Respectfully submitted,




Officer Michael Marra #338


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