Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Carlos SILVEIRA (ADW, ABDW, Leave Scene of Personal Injury, Reckless Operation of MV, Malicious Defacement of Property)

On the morning of August 16th, 2016, while in uniform, I was assigned to marked unit East-1. At 1:04 AM, I was dispatched, along with East-4, Ofc. Clark, East-2, Ofc. Isaacs, and East-3, Ofc. Bork, to 698 Assembly Row, (Earl’s Kitchen and Bar), for a report for about 8-10 people fighting. Also responding for additional back-up was West-6, Ofc. Beckford, West-6, Ofc. Hartsgrove, and Serria-8, Lt. Ward. As officers were making our way to Earl’s, Somerville Dispatch informed us that a Black Infiniti had driven onto the sidewalk and into the patio furniture, striking several individuals. They also informed us that the vehicle in question was in front of Lego Land. As I drove onto Artisan Way, I observed a black car turning onto Assembly Row. As I turned onto Assembly Row the car took a right on Foley Street. As I turned onto Foley Street, I was able to locate that vehicle parked in front of the Partners building, in the MBTA parking lot with the headlights on, however there was nobody inside. A short distance away, (approx. 200 ft.) away from the vehicle was a male party identified as Mr. Carlos Silveria walking away from the vehicle. I would like to add that the only car in the lot was the black Infiniti. A query check informed me that the vehicle was registered to Silveria.

        As I approached Silveria, he put his hands up and stated Im sorry. When asked sorry about what, Silveria stated that he was involved in a verbal altercation with some people he thought were his friends. Silveria was then placed into handcuffs for Officer safety. I then went to look at Silveria’s vehicle and noticed extensive damage to the passenger’s side front tire and bumper. After Lt. Ward arrived on scene, I made my way to Earl’s where everything had occurred.

        Upon arrival, I observed patio benches broken in half; dinner tables turned upside down, and broken glass everywhere. The flower pots were half on the sidewalk and half on the road. I also observed a piece of a black fender located on the ground. Ofc. Clark and Ofc. Bork were on location already taken statements from multiple victims and witnesses. Ofc. Clark informed me that one victim; XXXXX had been transported to the Somerville Hospital via Cataldo Ambulance for non life threaten injuries.

        I spoke to the second victim, YYYYY. YYYYY stated that he heard a loud verbal altercation in front of Earl’s Kitchen. He stated that there was a male party in a black car yelling out the window, Who f***ed with me? YYYYY went on to say the car came to a complete stop and as he leaned over to get the license plate number, that is when the male floored the gas pedal and drove up on the sidewalk and right into the patio. YYYYY told me that his left leg was hurting him, however declined medicinal attention.

        I then spoke to ZZZZZ, who is the manager at Earl’s kitchen. She stated that she heard a lot of yelling. She went on to say that she observed a black vehicle stop and then drive into the patio at Earl’s Kitchen. She also saw multiple people get struck by the vehicle.

        Ofc. Bork spoke with AAAAA, who is the door man at River Bar. AAAAA stated that Silveria was in River Bar saying racial slurs out loud. He also saw Silveria involved in a verbal altercation with a female party. AAAAA went on to say that he was kicked out of River Bar tonight, and also mentioned that this wasn’t the first time Silveria has been asked to leave. AAAAA watched Silveria leave and get into a black Infiniti. When asked to describe the male that got into the vehicle, AAAAA said, dark skin male with a chin strap beard, black hair, khaki shorts with a blue and white button down shirt. BBBBBB, the manager at River Bar added that Silveria had two, (2) drinks and that he was screaming out racial slurs such as the word N****er, and f**k white people.

        Ofc. Bork also spoke to CCCCC who was sitting next to Silveria at River Bar. She was involved in a verbal altercation with Silveria due to the words he was saying, and the racial slurs he was shouting out loud. When I spoke to CCCCC, she went on to say that she and her friends left River Bar around the same time as Silveria got kicked out. He was following them and yelling things. When asked what kind of things, CCCCC could not remember. She then watched him get into his vehicle and drive around the block three (3), times at a high rate of speed, driving up on the sidewalk, and striking the patio in front of Earl’s. When I asked CCCCC if she felt as though Silveria was trying to run her over, she stated yes.

        Ofc. Bork then Spoke to EEEEE, who stated that he observed Silveria in a verbal altercation with multiple people. He stated that he saw the black Infiniti drive by three, (3) times at a high rate of speed. He heard Silveria yell out the window and then watched him drive up on the sidewalk and into the patio at Earls kitchen.

        Ofc. Clark spoke to FFFFF who stated that he also observed a black Infiniti drive by three, (3), times and drive into the patio at Earl’s Kitchen.

        Unit 200 was requested to transport Silveria to the Somerville Police Department where he was booked in the usual manner by the shift commander Lt. R. Lavey. Silveria was charged with; (265/15B), Assault with a dangerous weapon, (265/15A), A&B with a dangerous weapon, two, (2), counts, 90/24A), Leave scene of personal injury, (90/24O), Reckless operation of a motor vehicle, and (266/126), Wanton destruction of propriety.

        I conducted a follow-up at Somerville Hospital to speak with the other victim, XXXXX. XXXXX told me that the entire incident was a big blur. He could only remember Silveria yelling at a female party and the car driving up onto the sidewalk and into the patio.




Ofc. A. Lorenti #322

Somerville Police Department


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