Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Rebekah MITCHEL (OUI Liquor, ABDW, AB on PO, Child Endangerment)

On 06/29/2016 I Officer Joseph S. Teves responded to 21 Russell RD for a check condition, Along with Detective Jonathan Thermidor. I was informed via radio transmission that there was an incident involving a possible OUI with children in the vehicle. I arrived on location and pulled my vehicle into the driveway of 21 Russell Road. There was a vehicle in the driveway bearing Massachusetts registration number XXXXXX. When I exited the vehicle I could visibly see that the wooden double garage doors were damaged and pushed inward in the opposite direction that the doors normally open in. I walked around the front of the vehicle and noticed damage to the door frame as well as some paint transfer that had taken place between the red lettering on the front license plate and the white door frame. As I circled the vehicle I noticed that the passenger front window was left in the down position. There was what appeared to be a strong odor emanating from the interior of the vehicle that smelled distinctly like an alcoholic beverage.

 I exited the driveway and made my way up the front stairs to the door of 21 Russell Road. At this time Detective Thermidor arrived to assist. I rang the doorbell and waited. After a few moments a young child came to the door and opened it. I asked the young child if I could speak to his mother. The young boy went back upstairs and I could clearly hear him say mom someone wants to talk to you. I then heard a female voice but I could not make out what she was saying because the female’s speech was extremely slurred. The next thing Detective Thermidor and I observed was a blonde female falling down the flight of stairs and crashing into a cast iron radiator that was located in the stairwell. This female would soon be identified as Rebekah Mitchell. I assisted Mrs. Mitchell to her feet and escorted her out onto the front porch. I asked Mrs. Mitchell if she was in need of medical attention. Mrs. Mitchell refused medical attention and stated that she was ok. I would like to note that there was a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from Mrs. Mitchell’s person. This odor was consistent with the odor that I smelled in the vehicle that Mrs. Mitchell was allegedly operating. Mrs. Mitchell’s eyes were very glassy and Mrs. Mitchell was not able to maintain her balance without assistance.


While Detective Thermidor and I were on the front porch with Mrs. Mitchell we began to hear crying from upstairs. Detective Thermidor went into the home to take care of the three young children who were present. While Detective Thermidor was in the home tending to the children Mrs. Mitchell began to pull away from me in an attempt to get back into her home. I tried to assure Mrs. Mitchell that the children were fine and that we would sort out everything and that she just needed to remain calm. Mrs. Mitchell continued to attempt to pull away from me and flail her arms. For officer safety I placed Mrs. Mitchell into handcuffs. Mrs. Mitchell continued to struggle in an attempt to break free. When Mrs. Mitchell’s attempts failed Mrs. Mitchell resorted to kicking me in the groin area. I assisted Mrs. Mitchell to the ground with the minimal amount of force necessary to stop her attack. I called for the mobile detention unit (Unit 200) to transport Mrs. Mitchell to the police station where she was to be booked. After a brief period of time Officer Brian Pavao arrived in unit 200. I along with the assistance of Officer Pavao escorted Mrs. Mitchell to unit 200 and placed her inside. Officer Pavao then transported Mrs. Mitchell back to the police station. After Ms. Mitchell was no longer on location I was approached by the reporting party who would be identified as YYYYY.


I asked YYYYY to explain to me what he had witnessed. YYYYY stated that he witnessed Mrs. Mitchell drive the SUV that was in the driveway on a public way and then crash it into the garage. YYYYY then stated that Mrs. Mitchell exited the vehicle and removed an infant from the vehicle along with two small boys. YYYYY also went on to inform me that Mrs. Mitchell was very unsteady on her feet and that she was drinking something out of a red cup. He described the contents as a pink liquid. YYYYY stated that Mrs. Mitchell was so unsteady on her feet that she could not keep the contents of her cup from spilling all over the place. YYYYY stated that Mrs. Mitchell steadied herself and drank the contents of the cup (as if she was taking a shot) until it was empty before staggering into the house with the children. YYYYY also stated that he witnessed Mrs. Mitchell hand a silver beer can to one of the children to carry inside the house for her. Detective Thermidor was able to reach the children’s father ZZZZZ. ZZZZZ was able to respond to our location to take care of the children present. Subsequently DCF was notified and I was informed that they will be doing an emergency inspection of the home this evening. I would also like to note that while I was in the home I noticed empty alcohol containers throughout the home and the house was in a state of complete disorder.


In closing while Mrs. Mitchell was being booked Mrs. Mitchell was presented with the opportunity to take the breathalyzer test to determine the blood alcohol level. Mrs. Mitchell declined the test. Mrs. Mitchell was also issued a criminal citation # R7639361


Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph S. Teves #297

Somerville Police Dept.


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