Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Joseph DIXON (Open Container)

On Thursday, June 30th, 2016, I, Officer James Torres was assigned to marked unit West 6, while working the last half shift. At approximately 01:18 AM, I was on patrol in the area of Davis Square, when I observed a male party subsequently identified as Mr. Joseph Dixon, sitting on a bench in Statue park, drinking from what appeared to be a 12 ounce can of beer. After making contact with Mr. Dixon, I observed that the can that Mr. Dixon was drinking from was a 12 ounce can of Natural Ice. Mr. Dixon was placed in handcuffs (double locked) and charged with the violation of a Somerville city ordinance (Open Alcohol Container). Mr. Dixon was transported to the Somerville Police station in prisoner transport unit-200, operated by Officer Dorothy Nardone, where he was booked in the usual manner. Mr. Dixon was booked by LT. Richard Lavey. 



Respectfully submitted,

Officer James Torres

Badge #329


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