Real Life Somerville Police Stories:OUI Arrest

Ronald LUND (OUI) Arrest

On September 14th, 2015, I, Officer Goncalves, was in full uniform and assigned to area East 4. At approximately 1:29 a.m., Officer Cicerone, who was also in full uniform and assigned to area East 1, was notified by a citizen that there was a motor vehicle accident at the corner of Medford St. and Pearl St. Officer Cicerone notified dispatch and we both responded to this location.


Upon Officer Cicerone’s arrival he stated he observed a male, later identified as Mr. Ronald G. Lund, seated in the driver’s seat of a Honda CRV. The vehicle was facing the wrong way on Pearl St. (a public way) and was parked on top of the sidewalk. Officer Cicerone also noticed that a street parking sign had been displaced from its location and was now located in the middle of the street at the corner of Medford and Pearl.


Officer Cicerone then began to approach the vehicle, at the same time Mr. Lund began to exit the vehicle. Officer Cicerone stated that Mr. Lund was visibly stumbling and tripping on his own feet as he began to walk towards him. He informed Mr. Lund to take it easy, when Mr. Lund responded “I’m fine, I only had two nips, I had a long week.”


At this time I arrived on scene and spoke with Mr. Lund. I observed Mr. Lund’s eyes to be glassy and extremely bloodshot. He was unsteady on his feet and mumbled and slurred his words when asked questions. When we asked Mr. Lund if he realized he had struck the street sign, he stated no. He then proceeded to look at the front bumper of his vehicle where there was slight damage and stated, “I f***ed up.”


Officer Cicerone, then asked Mr. Lund if he would perform field sobriety tests, to which he replied, “F*** you, I’m too mad to be doing that right now.” I asked Mr. Lund if he wanted medical attention to which he refused and stated he wanted to be put into protective custody instead.


Based on Officer’s observations as well as the evidence provided above, I believed Mr. Lund to be under the influence of alcohol and placed him under arrest for the violation of M.G.L c90 s24J, Operating Under the Influence-Liquor. I issued him Massachusetts Uniform Citation #R6068673 for the above offense.


Mr. Lund was searched and transported by Officer Brioso in marked wagon 200 to Somerville Police Headquarters. He was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Digregorio and read his rights. During the booking process, Mr. Lund was once again offered the opportunity to perform field sobriety tests while being audio and visually recorded, but was very uncooperative with officers. He was also afforded the right to a breathalyzer, but refused.


Respectfully Submitted,



Officer C. Goncalves, #314


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