Somerville Event Alert—- Candidate Forum with all four people seeking to replace Rebekah Gewirtz Sept 10th


On September 10th at 7pm at the First Church Somerville UCC -89 College Avenue all of the candidates, who will face off in the only primary this municipal cycle, have agreed to take part together in a forum.
The event is open to the public, beyond Ward 6 because city politics issues are most important to not just the ward but the whole city, and people are not always sure which ward they live in. The event is sponsored by the Somerville Democratic City Committee although it is open to independents and others as well.  
We are most interested in expanding the voting in local elections and a primary on a Thursday for only one Alderman seat needs attention.  
You are invited to take part and submit questions to me for the candidates.

If I can answer any questions about the event please contact me at 617-331-6447.  

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