VIASWORLD Introduces HarmoneiBy: VIA and RMA

VIASWORLD is excited to introduce singer-songwriter Kara Applei aka Harmonei as its artist of the week. Harmonei is from Fall River, MA, and has been breathing music since she was four-years-old. For Harmonei, singing and playing the piano is a way to escape, meditate, and channel positive energy. Composing and writing music is her passion and she is eager to share her creativity with the public. She uses her music to speak out and her lyrics expose a lot about her as an artist. Her song lyrics come effortlessly to her, as they are all important messages she wishes to share. Her latest song, for example, focuses on Bipolar Disorder Awareness, which some people might not know a lot about. Although she categorizes her music under new age, it leans a lot towards the Indie genre. Harmonei has just mastered and released her first album, “Sake of my Soul,” and has been creating new beats in order to master her other recordings. Check out Harmonei at and listen to her music on as well as Spotify, YouTube, and most music apps. Her other social media include and If you want to be featured as VIASWORLD’s next artist of the week email and check out VIASWORLD at:

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