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Do We Really Need New Somerville City Hall/ High School Concourse Buildings? 

We know plans for a new police and fire station are completely understandable but new City Hall/ High School Concourse buildings really, give us a break!
There had been some talk up on the hill saying that they are looking for a parcel of available or as we know the city even a non-available parcel of land will do to build new buildings for city hall and the high school and we hear preferably they would prefer down by Assembly Square somewhere. 

We even heard that there was even talks about a new DPW building but we will save that brainstorm idea from the meeting of the minds story for later! We’re still trying to figure out whether it’s considered an open government or an open checkbook policy?

How much is enough? If they’re saying The buildings are to old, especially the city hall building fine, do whatever it takes to remodel it, give it a paint job, lay some carpet down, fumigate it then spray some air freshener around to get it up to snuff and maybe even an exhaust fan or two for up at city hall to suck out some of the existing hot air, but we do not need a run-a-way train wreck idea of a new City Hall/ High School Concourse or do we? It’s OK to spend the money on police, fire or on our school children or elderly of course and in that order, but please just don’t flush the taxpayer’s cash down the toilet with a new city hall building as well. Spend it sensibly! 

But then again this topic might refer and bring us right back to our July 7th issue topic in the Somerville News Weekly on “Who Is  Advising The Mayor.” 

What do you think?

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