Michael GOSCIMINSKI Arrest

On the above date and time, while in full uniform and assigned to marked unit east 2, I was dispatched to 335 Somerville Ave (Sally Obrien) for a dispute with the bartender. East 3 (OFC Goncalves) was also dispatched to 335 Somerville Ave.


Upon our arrival, we were met by XXXXX and from now on, known as witness 1. Witness 1 is also a bartender at Sally Obrien. Witness 1 stated, the business was approaching closing time, when another bartender began to destroy the bar area. Witness 1 does not know what triggered the bartenders actions, but does recall a verbal altercation the bartender was having with a female inside the business.


Broken pint glasses and glass were covering the bar area floor. There was also damage to the bottle display area. Witness 1, had stated a bar stool was thrown into the back wall, but there was no evidence if in fact a bar stool was used to create such damage the bottle display area.


A female who was inside the business, stated the person who created the damage was sitting outside on the bench. The female would later be identify as YYYYY, and from now on, known as witness 2. Witness 2 stated, she was the girlfriend of the bartender who was sitting outside. Witness 2 was also unaware on why the boyfriend acted in such manner. 


After speaking with witness 1, and upon his request, the matter in question was going to be rectified in house and I obliged to his request. I exited the business and joined Ofc Goncalves and Michael Gosciminski, as both were speaking outside. Michael Gosciminski, from now on, will be known as the suspect. There was as strong smell of alcohol emanating from the suspect’s mouth. The suspect also had an unsteady gate. A cab was requested to my location, in order for the suspect and witness 2 to be taken to the suspects house in Everett. While waiting for the cab to arrive, the suspect became combative and belligerent. The few vehicles, which were on the road, were slowing enough to see what the commotion was outside Sally Obrien. The suspect was given numerous opportunities to enter the cab. Witness 2, was also asking the suspect to enter the cab and be taken home. However, the suspect refused to enter the cab and began to stomp his feet. The Suspect began to walk in my direction, but this time the suspect was agitated more than before and began to flail his arms, as wanting to fight me. Before the suspect got any closer to where I was standing, I spayed him with the issued pepper spray.  


Subsequently, the suspect was handcuffed and placed under arrest. The suspect was transported to the Police Station to be booked and finger printed.


Respectfully submitted,


OFC Ramirez, Jose 259

Somerville Police Dept

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