Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Shoplifting at Target

 Hannah DIAZ Arrest 

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, I was on duty and assigned to marked unit East-2. At approximately 5:51PM, I heard a radio transmission from Officer Pasqualino informing dispatch that he had just been flagged down by a Target employee with regards to a shoplifter. I made my way to the store and proceeded to the Loss Prevention office. Inside of the office, I encountered Officer Pasqualino, XXXXX (Target Loss Prevention) and the suspect who had been identified Ms. Hannah Diaz. The suspect seemed to be borderline catatonic and would not speak.


I asked XXXXX what had happened and he told me that Ms. Diaz along with three males had come into the store and loitered for almost two hours. He said that one of the men placed numerous items into a shopping cart and he and Ms. Diaz eventually made their way to the door. Ms. Diaz allegedly removed two packages of “Rainx” windshield wipers and walked out of the store with her male companion following her. XXXXX said that after the pair past all points of sale and exited (without paying) he intercepted them. He said that the male immediately ran away and may have stolen multiple “fragrances”. He claimed that Ms. Diaz had pushed him and tried to get away but Officer Pasqualino was able to assist as he had been sitting in his cruiser just a few feet away. He concluded his statement by stating that the other two males who were with Ms. Diaz had fled in a motor vehicle.


Officer Pasqualino said that after noticing XXXXX’s confrontation with Ms. Diaz he exited his cruiser and ordered Ms. Diaz back into the store. He said that she was initially lucid and speaking normally but her mood changed when they entered the Loss Prevention office. At that point, he said that Ms. Diaz shut down and would only provide her name and social security number. 


After hearing XXXXX and Officer Pasqualino’s accounts, I read Ms. Diaz her Miranda warnings. I attempted to speak with her but she refused to respond.


Based on the evidence presented to me, I placed Ms. Diaz under arrest for the charges of “Assault and Battery” (she pushed XXXXX) and “Shoplifting by Asportation”. She was transported to Somerville Police headquarters and booked by Lieutenant McCain.


Respectfully submitted,


Officer Michael Perrone #296

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  1. I am the mother of the juvenile. Will u provide the footage to me by email. Or where can I find this video? That low life poor excuse of a father is going to pay for this.

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