Somerville Holiday Inn Brings Ice Cream Treats to Cobble Hill Apartments


By Martin Polignone

“It could not have been a more perfect day and I felt like I was a kid all over again,” said Cobble Hill resident Rita Beaudette (pictured with truck) remarking about a complimentary visit last week from an ice cream truck provided by next door neighbor Holiday Inn.

In well attended meeting of Cobble Hill elderly residents and the management team of the hotel, many residents agreed that the facility is a good neighbor that has over the years been a great venue for their community events including their annual Christmas party gala.
Hotel general manager Ryan Burkart introduced himself and his team, and welcomed any of the elders to contact him personally with any questions or concerns regarding the relationship between the hotel and Cobble Hill neighbors.
One elderly woman who wished not to be named, was very concerned that over the past summer and beyond, exhaust fumes from tour busses idling in the hotel parking lot, did so long over the legal idling time prescribed, and that these fumes greatly irritated her asthma condition.
Mr. Burkhart quickly responded that this “will never happen again,” and for this woman or anyone that abuts the hotel call him personally or the manager on duty 24 hours to report any such problems.
The meeting closed with a round of applause for the Holiday Inn team, and residents look forward enjoying the great relationship between the hotel and the elderly community.


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