Dorothy Kelly Gay endorses Stephanie Muccini Burke for Mayor of City of Medford


It is with great pride that I announce that I am endorsing Stephanie Muccini Burke for Mayor of Medford. Having served as the first elected female Mayor in Somerville, I understand the perspective that a qualified woman can bring to government, especially the Mayor’s office.
Stephanie is a person of high moral character and will foster a sense of inclusiveness, acceptance and celebrate the diversity of the community! Stephanie is fully invested in the City she grew up in.
Professionally, Stephanie Muccini Burke has a thorough understanding of the legislative process along with the high level management skills to lead Medford forward. As a prior Governor’s Councilor representing Medford and Mayor, I have had the privilege of working with Stephanie over the years. She has always handled herself in a professional and informed manner. She always brought ideas to the table. She will work to bring about planned development but will also pay attention to the details that make Medford unique. I could not think of a finer individual to be Mayor and I ask you to support Stephanie Muccini Burke as the next Mayor of Medford, 2016!

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