Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Assault Arrest


Tony BELL & Wendy BREEN Arrest

On the above date and time, while working in full uniform, on an overtime basis, operating the Prisoner Transport Vehicle, Wagon #200, covering the July 4th fireworks display at Trum Field, I was situated, with Wagon #200, in the middle of the intersection on Broadway @ Medford St. I observed both defendants walking in an easterly manner on Broadway, past the Dunkin Donuts, toward Medford St.
I observed the defendants to be engaged in a conversation. As the two defendants were located directly in front of the Wagon, within @ 10 feet of me, I observed the conversation turn heated and hostile. Defendant Breen was in front of defendant Bell, when Breen abruptly stopped. The conversation took a turn for the worse at this point. Both individuals got in each other’s face and started finger pointing at each other. I exited the Wagon and yelled for them to stop. Without warning, both defendants started striking each other with closed fists. I started to walk over to them, yelling for them to stop, but they continued fighting. As I was approaching them to break it up, they started grabbing and pulling on each other’s clothes and hair. I attempted to separate them. At some point, Off. S. Johnson assisted me in separating the defendants. They kept swinging at each other as we were separating them.

As I was exiting the Wagon, I observed a crowd gathering around the disturbance. A sizable crowd had gathered around the two, vehicular traffic had to come to a complete stop to avoid striking the defendants, little children were witnessing the incident with fear on their faces, along with several adults in close proximity to the disturbance. Pedestrian traffic had come to a complete stop due to this incident. All the bystanders were present due to the impending fireworks display. Once I was able to safely separate the two, I advised them that they were both under arrest for the above stated charge and I transported them to SPD Headquarters. Lt. McCain booked them and advised them of the rights while at the Booking window.

Respectfully submitted,

Off. James McNally #80
Somerville Police Dept.

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