Real Life Somerville Police Stories:A&B ON POLICE OFFICER


Jake & Christopher SILVEIRA Arrest

On the above date and time at approximately 4:05pm, I, Ofc. Jean-Jacques, marked cruiser 877 (W7), along with other marked units Ofc. DiFava (W6) and Ofc. Moreira (W5) were dispatched to 1366 Broadway for a trespass call.

Upon my arrival, I was met by two security guards known to me. The security guards showed me a copy of the trespass order and I verified that it was in effect. When myself and security got to the front door, both brothers later identified as Chris and Jake Silveira were folding clothes. I asked Jake to step outside and that I needed to talk to him. I then began patting him down to make sure for his and my own safety that he had no weapons on him. Chris began yelling out profanities to me. As I am standing in the doorway, Ofc. Moreira and DiFava look over the trespass order with me and we verify that it is still in effect. I place Jake in handcuffs and he begins to badger me. As I’m escorting Jake down the elevator with the two security guards my fellow coworkers stay outside the elevator with Chris Silveira. The bantering continues the whole elevator ride down and more hateful bias language is repeated at me.
As I have Jake downstairs, I place him on the ground in between myself and the two security guards. I proceeded to try and get his belongings that were in his pockets. He struggled with me and made it harder to retrieve his belongings. As I was inventorying his items Chris began to harass and interfere with my inventory of his brother’s property. He made it down the stairs racing on the other side of the stairwell away from my coworkers. People began to look behind him and a group started to gather. He states to me that he wants his brother’s belongings. He starts to move towards me and the brother in an aggressive manner. I yelled out “Somerville police step back.” I said I am looking through the belongings and I am performing an inventory. He then proceeds to charge towards me in an agitated manner. He steps closer to the inventory and pushes against me as I have the inventory in my possession, again I repeated step back “Somerville police I am conducting an inventory step back.” He then throws a close fist punch to my forearm. At which time, I grabbed and wrestled him to the ground using a defensive takedown. I then placed Chris under arrest for A and B on a police officer and disorderly. Even after the arrest, the bantering of profanities started upon cuffing Jake and did not end until the wagon officer, Ofc. Cabral had taken them away in the wagon, 200.
Finally as Chris was being calmed down by the other officers, U93 Ofc. Browne placed him in a cruiser to not let the two brothers get each other going. Chris was in the back of U93 marked vehicle and banging his head against the rear window loudly. The small group of 8-10 began to amass to a crowd of 30-40. Both individuals were placed into 200 for proper booking by Lt. Rymill.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Yvon Jean-Jacques Jr. #281

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