Real Life Somerville Police Stories:AMMUNITION WITHOUT FID CARD, POSSESS Arrest



On Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 I, Officer Kim, was on routine patrol in marked cruiser East 4. At approximately 2300 hours I was dispatched to the area of Fremont Street and East Albion Street for a report of a group of teenagers loitering and drinking alcohol. Unit East 1: Officer Diaz was also dispatched as back up.

Upon arrival I made my way down a staircase that connects 2 sections of Fremont Street. I immediately observed a group of 5 – 6 people. The group stood up, began making their way down the staircase and started to scatter. I stopped the group at the bottom of the staircase. As I began questioning them, Officer Diaz walked around the corner escorting a male, now known to me as Jose Hernandez. Officer Diaz then stated to me that he witnessed 2 males walking down Moreland Street coming from the direction of East Albion Street, at the intersection where the staircase is located. He observed Hernandez holding an object in his hand and throw it as soon as he saw Officer Diaz. Hernandez was ordered to stop and did so, however the other male ran and was not able to be apprehended.

A pat frisk of Hernandez was conducted and (3) .22 caliber bullets inside a small plastic baggie were recovered. Hernandez was then placed in handcuffs. I ordered the group to turn around and place their hands on the vehicle in front of them. 2 out the 6 people in the group were placed in handcuffs for safety reasons. I was able to identify the 6 people in the group. Units East 2: Officer Pasqualino, East 3: Officer Ubeda and 200: Officer Soares arrived on scene as back up shortly after.

Hernandez was transported to the station for booking by Unit 200: Officer Soares and the ammunition recovered was logged as evidence. During booking Hernandez was read his Miranda warnings in Spanish once again.

Based on the above facts Hernandez is being charged with: M.G.L c. 269 S10 – Possession of Ammunition without a Firearms Identification Card.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Eli Kim
Badge #307
Somerville Police Department

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