Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Counts 90/23/D LICENSE SUSPENDED, OP MV Arrest



On June 12, 2015, at approximately 18:50 hours, I, Officer Rivera, while in full uniform and working as East 4, received knowledge from Detective Cicerone, that a gray Chrysler 300, was left idling and unattended at a bus stop near the corner of Mystic Avenue and Wheatland Street, both public ways within the City of Somerville. He also informed me that the operator is known to him and has a suspended license.

While on Mystic Avenue, I observed a gray Chrysler 300, with MA registration 1BP866, idling and unattended at the bus stop. As I approached the vehicle with my cruiser, I observed a male, now known to me as Bryan Saintilus, enter the vehicle. As I activated my emergency lights, Mr. Saintilus proceeded to drive the vehicle on Mystic Avenue, towards McGrath Highway. After driving for a distance of approximately one block, Mr. Saintilus turned right onto Fellsway West and stopped the vehicle in front of the Century Bank. Once the vehicle was at a complete stop, I informed dispatch of my location and registration number of the vehicle. I approached Mr. Saintilus and requested that he provide his license and registration. I then informed Mr. Saintilus of the reason for the motor vehicle stop. Once Mr. Saintilus provided me with a valid MA registration, he stated that his license was suspended. I then asked Mr. Saintilus to turn off the motor vehicle while I confirmed the status of his license.

While verifying the status of Mr. Saintilus’s license, Detective Cicerone, Officer D’Amelio, and Officer Perrone arrived as back up. I gave dispatch Mr. Saintilus’s license number and was informed that his right to operate a motor vehicle was in fact suspended. I then informed Mr. Saintilus that he was under arrest for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

While waiting for the mobile detention unit, Mr. Saintilus informed me that there was a bag containing a large amount of money inside the trunk of the vehicle. He also stated that he wanted the money taken out of his trunk and brought with him to the station. Detective Cicerone retrieved the bag with the money inside and counted the money in front of Mr. Saintilus to confirm the exact amount. Mr. Saintilus was then transported to the station by Officer Kim, via mobile detention unit 200, and booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Rymill. A licensed operator, Michelle Tsang, took control of the vehicle.

During the booking process, $29, 256 in us currency, was counted as personal property and subsequently seized by the narcotics unit, Detective Legros, pending a further investigation. Please see the supplemental report by Detective Legros for further information. MA Uniform Citation R6071799 was issued to Mr. Saintilus for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. MA Uniform Citation R6071800, will be mailed to Mr. Saintilus, for allowing a motor vehicle to idle over 5 minutes.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Rivera #309
Somerville Police Department

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