Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Driving After Suspension Arrest



On June 12, 2015 at approximately 1714 I was in full uniform and assigned to the Somerville Police Traffic Bureau.
I was conducting speed enforcement on Rote 16 (Alewife Brook Parkway), which is a public way and posted 30 MPH Zone within the City of Somerville.
I observed a 2010 Ford Fusion Color black, Ma.5ZRN70, traveling South on Route 16 at an estimated 44 MPH. I directed my Lidar unit at the vehicle and got a reading of 43 MPH at a distance of 205.1 feet. I activated blue lights and siren stopping the vehicle on Route 16. I queried the registration which came back active, however, it did show the registered owner as having a Suspended operators License.
I approached the vehicle on the drivers side which was occupied by four people. I requested the license and registration from the operator and registered owner, the defendant in this matter, and she did not have either. I confirmed the defendants Name and Date of Birth and returned to my cruiser. I checked the defendants history before deciding which way to proceed. Unit 187, Ofc Michael Ameral, arrived as backup. The defendant was arraigned on 05/04/2015 for OUI and had her license suspended at that time for refusal (180 Days). I issued citation # R6069057 and placed her into custody. With the defendants permission an occupant of the vehicle with a valid Massachusetts License was placed in control of the vehicle. The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Station and booked in the usual manner by the Commander, Lt. A.W. Rymill.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ofc Robert W Hickey

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