Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Receiving Stolen Property Arrest



On June 5th, 2015 at 0530 hours while in uniform patrol assigned to marked cruiser West Seven along with Officer Berrouet assigned to marked cruiser Sector west, we were dispatched to 20 Gorham St for a report of a suspicious person.
White male wearing a black jacket carrying two bicycles on Gorham walking towards Holland St.

Upon my arrival to the intersection of Holland St and Gorham, I observed a white male wearing a black jacket carrying a bicycle trying to get into a taxi, when I looked to my right I saw a second bicycle on the sidewalk and black backpack next to it. I exited my cruiser and told the gentleman that I needed to speak to him. I then introduced my self and asked for his name, he said his name was Dallas Drak, he told me his social security number was and that he lived on Bellingham, Revere. The male in question said that both bikes were his and that he had receipts for them. He added that he was on his way home, when I asked him where he lived, he refused to answer the question. I querried his name and nothing was found.

Officer Berrouet Spoke to the reporting party. He said the perpetrator had his babies stroller, when he confronted him about the stroller he said he bought at a flea market for $10 and that it was his. He retrieved the stroller and asked his neighbor to call the police. Mr. Garrett also added that he saw the male in question drag several other items one by one and showed officer Berrouet where the male party left an air compressor.

Officer Isaacs was able to obtain the perpetrators name, Phillip Brooks

Officer Isaacs canvassed the area and found a rear door of a construction site open on 38 Gorham St. He also found a Florida plate AJ16W with a bike tire still attached to the bike rack. ( one of the bikes was missing both tires) A few motor vehicles where found with doors opened.

I asked Mr. Brooks if he was going to tell me where he got the bikes from and he started to shout saying that he bought them at a flea market and that he didn’t have a receipt. Mr Brooks was then placed under arrest for receiving stolen property.

A follow up investigation will be done and more charges may be added

Sergeant Michael Kiely
Office of The Chief
Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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