Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Drug Arrest



The following is a brief summary of the incident. It does not contain every minute detail of the arrest.
On the above date and time, while assigned to Car E-3, in Patrol, in full uniform, operating a marked Police M/V, I responded to #69 School St for a report of a Suspicious Person. Car E-2 Off Beckford also responded. Upon my arrival, I spoke with the male and female residents of #69 School St. They related a story of being followed for several blocks by a male on Summer St. as they were heading home. Becoming more suspicious of this unknown male, the pair quickened their pace. The quicker they walked, the quicker the male walked. They crossed over to the other side of Summer St. The unknown male crossed over Summer St. The pair decided to walk in towards the middle of Summer St. The unknown followed them. At one point, the pair stopped and motioned for the unknown male to pass them. He refused to pass them. At this point, the pair decided to run to their residence at 69 School St. As they were running away from this unknown male, the pair observed him to start running also. The unknown male ran after them to the intersection of Summer St @ School St. The residence at #69 School St is two houses up School St from Summer St.

When the pair turned the corner onto School St, they observed a M/V that was stopped for a red light at the intersection. When the unknown male realized that there was a M/V waiting at the red light, he immediately turned and back and ran down Summer St toward Union Sq.The pair contacted SPD and reported this suspicious activity. At this time, myself and Off. Beckford were dispatched to #69 School St. I spoke to both parties about the situation. They both made it clear, that in their opinion, their lives were in danger from this unknown male. I asked them for a description of the unknown individual and received the following: a Latino male, chubbyish, kind of broad shoulders, wearing a very noticeable turquoise hooded sweatshirt with white stripes in the pattern. I asked the pair if there was any verbal communication between the three. The female resident stated that when they requested the unknown male to pass them, he refused to and told them to keep moving. That was the extent of all verbal communication.

After receiving the above statements, Off. Beckford, S-8 Sgt Marino, and I began to canvass the neighborhood. Sgt. Marino came across an individual that fit the description of the unknown male that was given to us. He was sitting on a public wrought iron bench in front of Bull McCabe’s, which is located at #366 Somerville Ave. This establishment is in very close proximity of where the initial encounter took place. I approached the male, along with Sgt. Marino and Off. Beckford, and initiated a conversation with this male. There was a language barrier issue, but there was some communication between us. The male, in my opinion was being somewhat evasive in his limited answers to our questions. At this time, Sgt. Marino requested that Car W-5, Off. Brogue assist in translating our questions to this male. We were able to ascertain that the male had a friend that lived over there. There would have been in the area of Summer St. He did state that he was in the area of Summer St a short time before meeting us in front of Bull McCabe’s. We asked him several times what his name was and we were able to get the name of Jovani Hernandez from him. He also stated that he lived in Revere.At one point, Off. Brogue stated that he did not believe the unknown male was being completely truthful to us.

I asked the unknown male to please stand up in order to do a pat down of the individual due to Officer safety concerns and the possibility of locating an ID on his person. As Off. Beckford was performing the beginning stage of a pat down, I noticed that the unknown male had what appeared to be a wallet in his right, rear back pocket. I removed this item from his pocket and observed a small, brown, leather wallet. I opened up the wallet to attempt to locate and ID and I observed a glassine baggie, corner cut, containing a white, powdery substance in it. Through my training and experience as a Police Officer for almost 37.5 years, and the last 5 years working in an undercover capacity in the Narcotics Unit, I formed the opinion that the white, powdery substance was a Controlled Substance, to wit: Class “B” (Cocaine). At one point during our attempts to ascertain the male’s true identity, Off. Brogue asked the male what was in the glassine baggie, Heroin or Cocaine. The male answered “Cocaine”. We made several more attempts to ascertain the male’s true identity without any success due to his deceptive and evasive answers. Based upon the above set of circumstances, I placed the unknown male/defendant under arrest for the above stated charge. He was transported to the Station via the Prisoner Transport Vehicle, Wagon #200, being operated by Off. S. Stanford, where he was booked and advised of his rights by Lt. McCain.

I confiscated the white, powdery substance and bagged and tagged it. I placed it into the SPD Evidence locker. This substance will be forwarded to the Mass State Police Chemistry Lab for further analysis.

As a result of further investigation, I have discovered that Jovani Hernandez is a FALSE NAME given to Lt. McCain at the SPD booking process, therefore the additional charge of Providing a False Name at Booking. It is my opinion that the defendant’s TRUE NAME is Jose Luis Hernandez-Jacinto (possible typo on FBI printout due to missing hyphen). The name Jose Luis Hernandez-Jacinto is recorded on his Ma Criminal History (BOP) and the name Jose L. HernandezJacinto on the FBI printout (take note of the fact that the defendant’s last name has no hyphen between the last names). I believe that the defendant’s TRUE and that is based upon the info given at the time of a previous arrest on 02/25/2012. The defendant acknowledged that he was born in May of 1985, but is not certain of the day, at the time of his SPD booking.This DOB shows on the defendant’s Mass Criminal History (BOP). This DOB is in conflict with the DOB that the defendant’s info has recorded via the FBI printout that states his .

Respectfully submitted,

Sergeant Michael Kiely
Office of The Chief
Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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