State Representative Candidate Erin DiBenedetto Gets Somerville and Medford Firefighter’s Endorsements and Refreshes Crowd During Fireworks Heatwave


Erin DiBenedetto, candidate for State Representative for the 34th Middlesex District, gave out free popsicles at Somerville’s 2014 Independence Day Fireworks to hundreds of veterans, elderly, and children that came to enjoy the event. The fireworks event, which is celebrating its
10th anniversary this year, had record-breaking attendance.

DiBenedetto said she got the idea to give out popsicles at the event “when thinking about attending 4th of July celebrations as a child growing up in Somerville.

“I remembered the politicians giving out hoodsie cups, a great treat when we couldn’t afford to buy our own snacks at the food carts. I thought it would be a great way to meet the families of the district and make sure that everyone had the chance to enjoy a special treat for the holiday.”

Erin also recently got the endorsement of both Somerville and Medford Firefighters.

“Let’s work to ensure that all our first responders have all the resources they need to keep us safe!”

Erin DiBenedetto continues to display dedication to the citizens of Medford and Somerville through efforts to meet and listen to as many as possible during her campaign for State Representative.



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