Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Williams Arrest

On the above time and date, while assigned to marked unit East 2, I along with East 3(officer Pasqual no) responded to Somerville Ave (Target)
for the report of a male shoplifter in the office. Upon arrival, I spoke to the loss prevention officer and store employee and they advised me that they observed the suspect later identified as Christopher Williams put six Casio watches valued at $334.62 in a white plastic bag and then proceed to a cashier and attempted to return them. Once the cashier called over a supervisor, The suspect then put the watches back in the bag and proceed to the exit without making any attempt to pay for them. As the suspect exited the store he was detained by Loss Prevention and brought back to the loss prevention office.

At that point I called for mobile detention Unit 200 and told Christopher Williams that he was being placed under arrest for the above referenced charge. A receipt of the items taken will be attached to the report. I would like to note that target stated that the suspect who arrived on a bike could pick up his bike and bag of clothes, which was left behind when he was bailed.

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