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Rojas Arrest

On Tuesday June 24, 2014 at approximately 2035, while assign to car East 2, I Officer Randy Isaacs along with East 1 operated by Officer Van Nostrand was dispatched to McGrath HWY ( McDonalds) for a report of an
open register(not sure if it was a robbery or larceny). Officer Van Nostrand was the first to arrive and scene and notify dispatch that it was not a robbery but a destruction of property. Upon arrival Officer Van Nostrand was inside speaking with the manager, to get the description of the suspects. The description was put out over the radio for a female wearing backpack with a male wearing a red hat and another Hispanic male wearing grey sweat pants and tank top. After receiving the description over the radio. I canvas the area to see if I could locate the individuals. While searching the area of Twin City Plaza, Officer Van Nostrand came over the radio and alerted dispatch that he had one of the suspect.
Officer Van Nostrand informed me that he was inside speaking with the manager and a wittiness, when they noticed the individual that broke two registers in the store. Officer Van Nostrand approached the individual identified as Julio Rojas and while speaking with the Mr. Rojas, I arrived on scene and the suspect was placed in handcuffs for his and our safety. Reason for the handcuff before being placed under arrest is, suspect stated that he may have a knife on him and I could smell a strong odor or alcohol coming off the suspect, also he was extremely agitate. After taking a look at the store video, the suspect can be seen entering the store with a group of friends. A customer was at the register paying for his food when he was approached by the suspect. As the customer tried to walk away he was approached from behind by Mr. Rojas before one of his friend grabbed him and pull him back.
The customer stated that he was trying to get something to eat when he was approached by the group of individuals, after receiving his food he asked the guys to move so he move as well. Mr. Rojas started saying that he was going to take the customer necklace and he was going to break his neck as well. After Mr. Rojas altercation with the customer he went to order from an employee, employee who refused to serve him. She asked him to ask the store manager to serve him and Mr. Rojas got upset and tried to jump the counter. After Mr. Rojas got down off the counter he called the employee a “fucking bitch” and pushed a register of the counter and walked away. A few seconds later Mr. Rojas walked back over to the counter and pushed another register off the counter.

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