The Screening was a success, we had over two hundred people, they had Narcan training and giving out Narcan, which is to help someone that overdoses

The film was great and they learned some much more about addiction and what people thought of it.

Nancy Medeiros said “I’m happy to be part of the committee SOA, and a voice for my nephew Christopher, and my mission is to stop one person from hurting or worse Murdering someone for drugs.”

“This is a community epidemic, and we need the whole community, politician, media, etc.
There’s going to be a meeting this Monday, June 30, 2013, and we hope to have more people their to help us with this committee and help reach our mission”

Our next meeting is Monday at 52 Roland Street at 6:30 it’s literally half in Somerville behind the Tavern at the end of the world

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