Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Perez Arrest

On Saturday June 21 2014, I was on patrol in ward 7 of the city of Somerville. At approximately 15:10 I was dispatched along with Officer DiFava to a domestic in progress at
Boston Avenue. As we arrived we were updated by Somerville control that the suspect was now choking the victim. Officer Gee arrived seconds later and we ran into the apartment. One of the victims shouted “they’re up stairs!”, we ran up the stairs and saw the other victim in the upstairs bedroom on one side of the bed and the suspect Bruce Perez on the other side of the bed. We ordered Perez to put his hands in the air and not to move, myself and Officer Gee handcuffed Perez. Perez stated that he was bleeding from a cut on his arm, the cut was small and looked like it possibly was from a finger nail. Officer Gee called for Cataldo ambulance to evaluate Perez and the two victims. At this time Sgt Monte, Detective Collazo, and Sgt Brennan arrived on scene.

I talked to the victim and she stated that her and Perez had been dating since September 2013. She stated that the incident started because she took two hundred dollars from Perez for her car which he was using. She then stated that Perez threw the car keys at her and started to grab her by the arms and throat, she stated she managed to break free and ran down stairs to grab a bat to defend herself. The two women stated that Perez grabbed the bat away from one and start to swing at both of them. One of the victim stated she was able to get the bat away from Perez and Perez then punched her in the face. She stated that after she was hit by Perez he started to hit the other again and shoved her into a wall mirror causing it to fall free and shatter on the floor. There was a broken mirror approximately 2 x 4 foot in size broken on the floor in the front door way to the house.

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