Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Juvenile Arrest

On June 22, 2014 I, Officer Gravin Guillen, was in full uniform assigned to marked unit E-4. At approximately 17:20, I was dispatched along with E-1 to KMART in Somerville for a shoplifting call.

E-1 arrived before me. As I entered the store, I went to the lost prevention office. I knocked on the door and OFC. deOliveira was there. I went inside the lost prevention office and tried to close the door when the individual outside, a juvenile put his foot in the door. I asked why he did that and he replied, ” I want to talk to my boy”. I asked him to step away from the door and he could not talk to the other individual and he got angry. Finally, I was able to close the door. Ofc. deOliveira was dealing with the juvenile who shoplifted when the other juvenile kept yelling through the door, “I’m here for you I’m going nowhere.”

The juvenile kept saying other stuff but could not make out some things due to the fact we were interviewing the other juvenile. Several minutes later, the juvenile kept shouting and Ofc. deOliveira and myself opened the door to talk to him. We asked him to leave Kmart and he told us that he wasn’t going anywhere. We told him that his friend my get arrested for shoplifting and he put his hands in front of him and said he was going to. We told him, he needed to leave and now he was given a verbal trespass that he was no longer allowed back into Kmart. He kept shouting that he wasn’t going to leave and we could not make him. Meanwhile, there were other shoppers stopped and looking at the whole scenario. We asked him several times to leave and he stood put. We approached him to escort him. The first attempt he told us not to touch him. We told him that he needed to walk out himself or he was going to be escorted out by us unwillingly if he chose so. The second attempt he clenched his fists and told us to back away and not to touch him that he was not going anywhere and we can’t make him. Several more shoppers began staring and stopping from what they were doing to observe what was going on.

The juvenile continue to stay put and told us to bring it and come at him and watch what happens. Due to his aggressive manner, I quickly grasp his wrists and turn him around to gain control while Ofc. deOliveira assisted me handcuffing him. He kept resisting us but we were finally able to handcuff him. As we escorted us out, he kept using vulgar language swearing and calling us niggers and fucking pigs. There were children in the store too. The juvenile was transported to the station via Unit#200.

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