Real Life Somerville Police Stories


Alfred Smith Arrest

I, Ofc. Joseph S. Teves, was working in full uniform assigned marked cruiser East one. At approximately 11:28 PM I was dispatched to the bus stop at the corner of Washington Street and Myrtle Street for an alleged act of indecent exposure.

Upon arriving on location I was joined by East three (Ofc. Devin Schneider) and east two (Ofc. Anthony Manzelli). As I was coming to a stop I heard Ofc. Schneider transmit over the radio “did you just see that?” I exited my vehicle and approached Ofc. Schneider. I asked Ofc. Schneider what he had seen. Ofc. Schneider informed me that as he was pulling up he witnessed an individual (Alfred Smith DOB: 06\19\1962)with his pants down below his knees touching himself in an inappropriate manner. I will be referring to Mr. Smith as the defendant from this point forward

As we were speaking to the defendant Ofc. Manzelli was flagged down by the reporting party. Ofc. Manzelli made contact with the RP and collected his information. I then left the defendant and walked over to the RP to obtain his statement. I asked the RP what he had witnessed. The RP stated that he was at the gas station just down the road getting cigarettes. The RP went on to state that as he was at the gas station he heard individual talking about a man who was naked on the sidewalk masturbating. At this point the RP left the gas station and started to head in the direction of the police station to see what was going on. As the RP approached the intersection of Myrtle Street and Washington Street he witnessed the defendant standing at the edge of the curb with his pants completely removed. I asked the RP if he could see what the defendant was doing. The RP replied yes, masturbating.

The RP then drove to the police station and informed the station officer of the incident. At this point in time the RP returned to the scene of the incident to keep an eye on the defendant until officers arrived. The RP also stated that when he got back to the location of the incident the RP was now in a seated position at the bus stop. I asked the RP if the defendant was fully clothed at that time. The RP informed me that the defendant was still naked from the waist down and that the defendant was still masturbating.

At this point I placed the defendant into custody and charged him with lewd and lascivious conduct in accordance with G.L Chapter 272 Section 53. The defendant was transported back to the police station booked in the usual manner by SGT. Tam.

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