Somerville Jimmy Fund Theft at Bull McCabes



Happas Arrest

On Friday, June 13, 2014, I was assigned to the Somerville Police Criminal Investigation Division. I was assigned to investigate a theft that occurred at Bull McCabes on June 10, 2014. Bull McCabes was having a fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund, and had a donation jar on the bar. The suspect,
later identified as Kenneth Happas, was standing around drinking. Happas was hanging out in the area of the donation jar, and when he noticed the bartender step away from the bar, Happas seized the opportunity and took the jar, and placed it into his bag. Happas then stayed for another 10 minutes or so and finished his drink. Nobody noticed the jar was missing until Happas had already left. There is video of the incident taking place.

I was given a photograph of the suspect, white male, dark hair, tattoo on his chest, and left arm. . I sent the photograph to all Somerville Police Officers in an attempt to identify this person. Officer DeOliveira received the photograph while he was on the way to a call . The RP for this call was stating there was a man who had just stolen his I-Phone from the bar, and was standing outside. Officer DeOliveira and Officer Fusco arrived on scene, and immediately recognized this person as the suspect from my photograph. After a brief conversation, Officer DeOliveira notified me, and I responded to Pearl St. I spoke with Happas for a few moments, about him being on parole for bank robbery. I believed that Happas was the person in the photograph from Bull McCabes. Happas denied taking the phone from the Sarma bar, and allowed the officers to search his bag, and his person, but they did not locate the I-Phone.

I placed Happas into handcuffs, and read him his Miranda rights from a Miranda card.

Kenneth Happas was arrested, and booked in the usual manner,

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