Concerned over the pace of the Union Square redevelopment process, organizations, residents and local businesses have been organizing: circulating talking points, a petition and lists of priorities.

Meetings related to the Union Square redevelopment have been public, and many documents – including the Union Square Development Plan and the Somervision plan, both finalized in 2012 – are available online. But many individuals, groups and associations have expressed concern at the manner and pace of decision-making.

At an April 9 meeting of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) – the committee that is recommending the master developer for the billion-dollar development of the Square – a group of associations spearheaded by the Somerville Community Corporation (SCC) presented the 20 members with a document called “Link Somerville Equity Standards.”

More on this story at http://www.scatvsomerville.org/SNN.

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