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Roche Arrest


On the evening of April 10, 2014 I, was assigned to marked unit W-5. At approximately10:23 pm I was dispatched to  Broadway in the rear lot (Kelly’s Diner) for a report of male that backed into a motor vehicle causing it to move and knock over a motorcycle.

Upon my arrival I was met by the reporting party he stated that he was walking out to his car when he witnessed a male wearing a maroon Boston College jacket later identified as Francis Roche) operating a Subaru Legacy which back into his car causing it to move forward and then attempted to drive away. Witness said that he got in front of the vehicle preventing it from leaving the lot, then Mr Roche pulled back into the parking spot got out of the car and walked away from the lot.



A female Mr. Roche girlfriend)  walked over to me and said this is my vehicle, I asked her what had happened and she said ” we were in the Pub for a couple of drinks and then were heading home”. I then asked her where was the male the was operating the vehicle and she didn’t know where he went. I said to her if there was any way that she contact him and she said ” I will call his cell phone”. There was no answer on the cell phone. We then walked over to the Pub where they came out of and asked her if she seen him in there. She stated she didn’t, I walked over to the bartender and asked he if seen the male that was with her. He pointed me over in the direction to the corner of the bar where a male was standing with his back towards the bar. I went over to him and asked if he knew her he said “yes that’s my girl friend”. As I spoke to him I could detect an odor of alcohol coming from his breath, and that his eyes were glassy and blood shot. We then walked to the back lot where the incident occurred, I asked him what happen he stated ” I’m sorry this was a mistake I didn’t know that I hit the car”.



I asked Mr. Roche if he could perform some field sobriety tests which he agreed to do.


The first test that I administered was a Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. Mr. Roche failed this test.


The second test I administered was a one leg stand. I asked if Mr. Roche if he had any physical defects that would prevent him from doing the test, he stated no.I told him when he started to count not to stop counting until I instructed him to stop. I asked Mr. Roche If he under stood the instructions to the test. Mr. Roche grabbed his leg with both arms and counted 1001, and then dropped his leg. I then gave him a second chance at it and he once again grabbed he leg with both arms and didn’t even count then dropped his leg.



The third test that I administered was the walk and turn test along the white line in the street (Rogers Ave) .In this test, the individual needs to walk a series of nine steps with his arms out to his side at 45 degrees, and to walk heel to toe back and forth, Mr. Roche failed this test. At this point, I placed Mr. Roche under arrest for the charge of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol (CH 90 SEC 24).


I then responded to the station to administer field sobriety tests once again in a well lit area with a clearly visible white line on the floor. Mr. Roche refused any testing at the station.


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