Somerville Fire Department Called in on Out-of-Controll Fire Pit



By William Tauro

At approximately 8:17 pm Thursday evening, Somerville Firefighters responded to a call located at 31 Warren Avenue regarding an “out-of-control fire pit” that safety concerned neighbors were forced to call the Somerville Police for assistance with.

The Somerville Police immediately contacted the Somerville Fire Department who then responded to the location with water to extinguish the out-of-control fire pit’s flame.

Fire pits are iIllegal in the city of Somerville and especially where Somerville’s homes are built so close to each others property lines and also taking into consideration the last two weeks tragic Brick-stone fire loss tragedy of two fallen heroes that occurred in the Back Bay of Boston and the massive 8 alarm fire that displaced almost a dozen people in East Boston the other night, that you would think that people would stop and think twice about lighting a fire pit or causing any sparks that would pose any threat to neighboring homes and lives.

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