Real Life Somerville Police Stories Narcotics Hidden in Freezer


Brooks-Crump arrest

Th On the above date and time, while assigned to the Somerville Police PD Narcotics/Vice Unit, working in an
undercover capacity, operating an unmarked Police M/V, I initiated the execution of a search warrant on Fellsway West , Somerville, Ma.. On Feb. 27, 2014, I obtained two Search Warrants
At @ 10:58 AM, this date, Det. placed a phone call to defendant Brooks-Crump cell phone number, requesting a follow-up visit, regarding a past M/V vandalism complaint report that was taken on 12/7/2013. The defendant, Katashia M. Brooks-Crump invited Det. to come by her residence to speak with her regarding the vandalism. Once on scene, requested my presence at the target location, Fellsway West , Somerville, Ma. to assist him in this matter. Once I arrived upon scene, I alerted the other members of the Search Warrant team to be ready to gain entrance to the target location. I had a brief conversation with the defendant. At this time, all three of us made our way up to the 2nd floor kitchen area. The following members of the Search Warrant execution team entered.
Of course, defendant Katashia M. Brooks-Crump was present in Apt at the time of the execution of the search warrants. and released upon conclusion of the The defendant was advised of their Miranda Rights Post Miranda Rights warnings, defendant Brooks-Crump agreed to cooperate in this investigation. Defendant Brooks-Crump alerted Det. to locations of items, of an evidentiary nature, with respect to contraband/evidence that was relative to the search warrants. Once Apt. was secured by the search team members. Off. began a thorough search of the premises with K-9 Off. informed me that K-9 had alerted to several areas of Apt relative to controlled substances. One area was the kitchen refrigerator. After a more thorough search, Marijuana was located in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. Another area where K-9 alerted to was defendant Brooks-Crump’s upstairs bedroom. The following areas were alerted to by K-9 the far bedroom bureau, the edge of the near the baby seat against the wall, the black and clear 3 drawer plastic storage container, and the small, black, metal portable Sentry Safe on the left side of the room. All the above referenced areas contained contraband/evidence (Marijuana, US currency, drug paraphernalia, and notes .Based upon my investigation, observations, and collection of seized contraband/evidence, of defendant Katashia M. Brooks-Crump and her residence, I placed defendant Brooks-Crump under arrest for the above stated charges.

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