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Silveira and Flynn arrest

While conducting the drug surveillance observations were focused by drug investigators on an individual identified
as Jake Silveira. Silveira utilized a cellular telephone on several occasions and his body mannerisms suggested the anticipated arrival of someone.Surveillance was maintained of Silveira as he waited a considerable length of time in this area.

As we were conducting surveillance, a Detective observed a brown Nissan Maxima bearing Massachusetts Registration arriving into and subsequently parking in the parking lot of the Shaws Supermarket .This vehicle parked in close proximity of Detective’s unmarked car. The motor vehicle was occupied by Joseph Flynn . I would note that Joseph Flynn is well known to members of the Somerville Drug Control Unit due to his prior arrests for violations of the controlled substance laws. Mr. Flynn was observed exiting the vehicle and he proceeded to walk in the direction where defendant Silveira was waiting inside Shaw’s Supermarket. It was noted that simultaneous to Flynn’s arrival defendant Silveira stood up. At this point I observed Mr. Flynn and defendant Silveira walk together a short distance inside of the Shaw’s supermarket. It was noted that Mr. Flynn and defendant Silveira did not attempt to purchase anything while inside the store. After a very brief meeting both individuals exited together from the store. Based on my training and experience I opined that the activity observed of the defendants was consistent with a street level drug transaction. Based on the activity, observations a threshold inquiry was conducted of all individuals involved in this incident. While placing Mr. Silveira under arrest for his outstanding warrant a search was conducted of his person and a small knotted baggie containing a brown powdery substance believed to be Heroin was located in his left front pocket along with a small blue zip baggie containing a unknown substance.

At this time Detective pursued his verbal inquiry. Defendant Flynn proceeded to make conflicting and incriminating statements to questions posed to him. Flynn also claimed that he was present at this location to purchase cigarettes even though it was observed he made no attempt to do so. While conversing with Detective, Flynn admitted his involvement in the illegal drug trade. A search of defendant Flynn person revealed
$ 610.00 U.S. currency located in a left inside chest jacket pocket An additional$ 20.00 U.S. currency was located and seized from Flynn right front pants pocket. Also seized from defendant Flynn was a cellular telephone. A search of the car was conducted and in the center console I located a clear sandwich baggie which contained a small clear baggie containing a brown powdery substance believed to be Heroin . This small baggie was similar to the one I retrieved from the person of Silveira. Also in the clear knotted baggie there was a clear sandwich bag that contained a white rocky substance believed to be crack cocaine All two individuals where successfully placed under arrest for the following chargers: 1). Possession Class A (Heroin), 2). Possession w/Int to Distribute Class A (Heroin), 3).Possession Class B (Crack Cocaine), 4). School Zone/ Park Violation, 5). Conspiracy to violate the drug laws and Warrant.

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