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Setting Sun. This is the sun setting over Milk Row Cemetery, Somerville Ave.
By Skip Murray

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Peter J. Koutoujian Event Fills the House

Photo: Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian with his dad, Peter Koutoujian

By William Tauro

On Wednesday evening, Middlesex County Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian held a fund raiser in Waltham with a standing room only crowd.

A large Somerville presence of supporters was noticed in the crowd.

Since being appointed in January, 2011, Peter J. Koutoujian has made it his goal to bring the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office into a modern era of effective and efficient public safety, while saving taxpayer dollars.

Photo: Supporter Mrs Viola, Middlesex County Clerk of Courts Michael Sullivan who is also a candidate for Middlsex County District Attorney and Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian