Somerville’s Three Villens

Somerville's Three Villens

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Three guys from Somerville. They want to tell you how they feel about things happening in the world. Chances are if you’re a real (or wanna be) Villen, you know one of them.

So the three of us got together and had our first official recording of our podcast one night. It was a fun time, the three of us know each other pretty well, so it’s like old home week as we sit there bantering at each other, bitching, commenting and even singing together. The result will be posted here in just a little while we are happy with the results, will the world be? Will we really care? Probably not, but we do appreciate feedback – unless it’s negative, in which case we will find you and beat your sorry ass.

Click on link to enjoy Three Villens Podcast!

The Original ThreeVillens back at it again. Enjoy.

Here we go – the three original ‘Villens – Frankie, Jimmy and Jamie – back together again. We hope you like it – leave us a comment either way. Enjoy.

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