Somerville Lifelong Resident Wilbur Smith Dies at 102 Years Old


By William Tauro

Longtime Somerville resident Wilbur Smith turned 100 years old when we wrote this article on Sunday, September 30, 2012.

Today we have sad news to report from Somerville, that Wilbur Smith has passed away this past Saturday

morning, February 15th, 2014 shortly after turning 102 years old.

Wilbur passed away at the Santa Maria Hospital where he was being cared for over the past two years after his 100th birthday celebration in 2012.

Helping to celebrate Wilbur’s 100th birthday was Wilbur’s landlord Bert Faulkner, Building Manager Elizabeth Campbell and her staff who threw a birthday party for him in the top floor penthouse function facility of the Faulkner Towers on Highland Avenue in Somerville.

In attendance at the celebration, just to name a few, was Somerville Board of Alderman President Tom Taylor, Middlesex Register of Deeds Elect Maria Curtatone, Council on Aging Director Cindy Hickey and just about every tenant from the apartment complex, all there to wish Wilbur a happy 100th birthday.

Bert Faulkner, the complex’s owner said, “Wilbur’s 100th birthday was the first of its kind in thirty-four years since the building’s opening 1978.”

Also in attendance was Wilbur’s nephew Al McCart and his wife Kathy to help celebrate the joyous event.

Wilbur received a letter from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle wishing him a happy 100th birthday. Also, Somerville Board of Alderman President Tom Taylor presented Wilbur with a citation from the entire Board of Aldermen and Mayor Joseph Curtatone.

Wilbur Smith will be sadly missed by many here in Somerville!

Photo L to R front row: Nephew Al McCart, Wilbur Smith, Niece Kathy McCart. L to R Back row: COA Director Cindy Hicky, Attorney Mike Dwyer, Building’s owner Bert Faulkner, Register Elect Maria Curtatone, Alderman Tom Taylor and Marisa Tauro.

Photo: Wilbur Smith and Alderman Tom Taylor. Alderman Tom Taylor was also Wilbur’s favorite politician that he took a liking too in the city and kindly requested that Taylor be present at his party.

Photo: Landlord/ host Bert Faulkner, Wilbur Smith and building manager
Elizabeth Campbell

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