Somerville ArtBEAT 2014 Call for Craft Vendors

2014 theme: HATCH

We like to think of Somerville as a giant incubator, one in which ideas, dreams and art percolate and ultimately, hatch.
And so, this year’s ArtBeat theme is “hatch,” a celebration of our city’s creative endeavors. “Hatch” evokes many things: chirping chicks breaking out of their shells, emerging creative projects and scientific break-throughs, and indie businesses busting onto the scene. Let’s also consider “hatch” as a noun, as an opening or compartment in a ship, car or building—places where things can be stashed away from the public eye. TV fans might recall the mysterious “hatch” on Lost, a buried steel entryway to the subterranean Dharma Initiative Station. We look forward to your creative interpretations of this year’s ArtBeat theme. Dancers might explore emerging from a confined space; tech-savvy artists might share newly hatched innovations in robotics; an artist collective might showcase work that has been created collectively, within an incubator; pet lovers might organize a photography exhibit of newly hatched critters or stage a puppy parade. It’s time to bust out of our shells and let our ideas… hatch.

How to submit:

Download an application via the Somerville Arts Council website

Submit 5 slides, color photos or jpegs representing the current work you’ll be exhibiting this year.

Label each image with your last name followed by a number such as “leeman01”.

Follow the instructions of the application and give corresponding information; include dimensions, materials and prices.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Previous ArtBeat participation does not guarantee placement. Submissions must include include images of the current work you will be showing. Vendors are selected on the quality and strength of the applications materials. Shared spaces/applications are juried separately. If the jury does not approve one submission, the accepted applicant must pay the full fee.

All applications must be postmarked by Monday, March 31st to the Somerville Arts Council. The craft jury will evaluate applications in terms of quality, originality, and marketability. Past participation at ArtBeat does not guarantee an acceptance for this year. Applications without visual support materials (slides,photos, jpegs), and incomplete information will be disqualified. Notification e-mails will be sent by the end of April. Your complete packet with set-up information, directions, etc. will be mailed in early July.

Questions? Contact the Arts Council at (617) 625-6600, x 2985 or

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