Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Santana arrest

On February 4, 2014 while monitoring this type of sexual activity, members of
the Somerville Police Department Drug Control / Vice Unit identified an Internet web site ( that was displaying an advertisement offering services for a fee from an unidentified Somerville location. Detectives responded to the advertisement via cellular telephone number . A male later identified as Gabriel Santana (DOB 11-08-65) described his private parts such as xxx and xxx and also giving full description of sizes. Gabriel quoted Detectives $150.00 for the half hour, and $250.00 for the one hour for the sexual services. Gabriel also instructed Detectives to call him when he arrived at the hotel. Detectives called Gabriel once he arrived at the hotel and he instructed him to room .

Once Detectives arrived at the door he knocked and was greeted by Gabriel wearing sexually provocative attire. Once the Detective entered the room Gabriel encouraged the Detective to hug him. Based on my training and experience I know this type of behavior is used commonly by persons involved in the sexual trade to weed out the presence of law enforcement personal. Once inside the bedroom Gabriel asked the Detective for the $150.00 of sexual services.the Detective provided Gabriel the $150.00 dollars from funds previously drawn from a Somerville Police Department investigative account. The Detective was instructed to place the payment for the anticipated sexual services on bureau next to the television. It was also noted that there were several condoms / sexual assistance apparatus and personal lubricants to accomplish the sexual conquest strategically placed on the night stand. The Detective via a pre-arranged signal notified members of the Somerville Police Department Drug / Vice Control Unit arrest team who in turn entered the room and placed the defendant Gabriel Santana under arrest.

The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Station via 200. Gabriel was booked in the usual manner by Lt. A. W. Rymill and afforded all of their rights.

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