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Santana arrest

On November 12th, 2013, I Detective Kevin Shackelford along with Detectives Sgt. David Monte, James Hyde, Ariel Collazo and Detective McNally were working plain clothes in an undercover capacity as, Narcotics Detectives.
At approximately 1:15pm, I had initiated surveillance in the Home Depot parking located at 75 Mystic Ave. Somerville. This area has been a known narcotics “hot spot” and has been the focus of prior narcotics related investigations (surveillance) which have resulted in numerous arrests. There has also been several Heroin related overdoses in parked motor vehicles in the past.

While conducting surveillance, at approximately 1:30pm, I observed a blue Ford Explorer Massachusetts Registration # with two occupants pull into parking lot and park (both occupants remained in the vehicle). I queried the status of the vehicle on my mobile leaps data terminal. The Registry indicated that the vehicle was registered to a ). A board of probation check revealed that suspect had numerous prior drug related offenses as well as several Guilty’s to include incarceration for Trafficking a Class “B” Controlled Substance.

After approximately four minutes, I observed suspect exit the vehicle alone and stand at the front door to the Home Depot. I observed suspect on her cellular phone looking around. Within one minute, I observed a grey Nissan Quest van Massachusetts Registration # pull up to the front of the Home Depot and suspect entered the front passenger side. The vehicle drove approximately twenty five feet, stopped and suspect exited. suspect immediately proceeded back to her vehicle. Based on my observations (to include information obtained via Leaps), training, experience, and this known location, I believed this “quick” meet to be consistent with how street level narcotics transactions are sometimes conducted.

When suspect entered her vehicle, Detective Collazo and I conducted a stop of suspect and her passenger identified as, ). Detective Hyde conducted a stop of the grey Nissan Quest (MA reg # ) when it reached the Kmart parking lot.

Upon our approach, with our badges displayed, I asked suspect to exit the vehicle. Detective Collazo read suspect her Miranda Warnings and then conducted a search of her person. Detective Collazo discovered a small clear plastic bag containing brownish powder in her jacket pocket. Based on our training and experience, we believed this substance to Heroin, a Class “A” Controlled Substance. At that time, . suspect made several incriminating statements to include purchasing the bag of Heroin from the individual she had just met with for the amount of $40.

At the time of the motor vehicle stop of defendant Edwin Santana Detective Hyde advised him of his constitutional rights pursuant to Miranda. Post-Miranda defendant Santana responded to several inquiries regarding his recent whereabouts. Santana stated that he recently departed from his residence located at 169 Bunkerhill St. Charlestown, MA. Santana explained that he then went to Dorchester, MA. and proceeded directly to the sight of the motor vehicle stop conducted at the Kmart retail store parking lot. Questioned regarding any stops made along his route of travel and defendant Santana responded in the negative. Santana denied picking up suspect while travelling to his destination.

After Detective Collazo’s discovery, Detective Hyde was notified via the radio. Detective Hyde then conducted a search of Mr. Santana’s person. Detective Hyde discovered a clear plastic bag with 14 small clear plastic bags containing brownish powder believed to Heroin, a Class “A” Controlled Substance in his pants. Detective Hyde further discovered two cellular phones and $211 in U.S. Currency in three separate stacks ($40,$60, $111). One stack was a separate $40 which confirms suspect statement.

Mr. Santana was placed under arrest for distribution of Heroin, a Class “A” Controlled Substance, Conspiracy to violate the Narcotics Laws and Possession with the intent to distribute “Heroin”, a Class “A” Controlled Substance. Mr. Santana was transported to the Somerville Police Department via Somerville Marked Unit 200, to be booked by, Sgt. Marino. The grey Nissan Quest, Massachusetts Registration # was towed.

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