6th Year Anniversary of SPD Detective Mario Oliveira Shooting, Saved by an Angel

By William Tauro 

This past Wednesday November 2nd 2016, marks the 6th anniversary of the day That Somerville Police Detective Mario Oliveira was shot and nearly killed. 
For the past five years on this particular Officer Oliveira told us that he “used to keep to himself, stay home, sometimes look back and cry.. ( mostly tears of joy and disbelief that he was still here to grow old and see his wife and kids grow older as well. ”
He always reflected back to that night and how things unfolded minute by minute. He has always called or texted his fellow brothers in blue, and his angel, Dr. David King on this date the past 5 years to let them know how much he love them and how grateful he is for what each of them did individually that night to keep him alive. 
This year Mario told us that he feels different, he feels like his old self again. he feels vibrant, energetic,and happy again. 
 Mario tells us it’s because he’s back working in the law enforcement field with an organization ( New England State Police Information Network, NESPIN) that has given him the gift of life again.  
Mario said “I want to thank the Director and Deputy Director for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to work with the people I love and admire (the police officers of Massachusetts and beyond). I’m gonna live life to the fullest today and everyday going forward and you all should too. Call the people you love and tell them how much they mean to you, be happy and do something good for someone today. Lastly, happy survival day to me! I’m going to enjoy the hell out of it!”
Mario also extended a thank you to Dr. David King, Det. Ernie Nadile, Lt. Joseph E. McCain Lt. Jerry Reardon and ATF Special Agent Brian Higgins and wants them all to know in a statement ” I love you guys forever and wish you all long happy prosperous lives! A very special thank you to my beautiful strong wife Christy Walsh Oliveira who has been a rock and stood right beside me throughout all that has happened to me these last 5 years… I am truly blessed and I don’t want to forget all my family and friends who have always been there for me!i love you all!”

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