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Our condolences to the Campo family on the loss of their dad, Robert Campo. Many of us here in the Ville knew him as Bobby, who was a good man, a good fathers and good friends to many of us here in and around Somerville. Robert was a former elected city tax assessors for the City of Somerville and he will be sadly missed.
Jim Legee celebrated his eighty eighth birthday with a birthday bash thrown in his honor at the LaHasenda Restaurant in Somerville with dozens of family, friends and former co-workers in attendance this past Sunday. Jim also worked as a building inspector for the City of Somerville back in the late 70s during the Brune administration. Jim is also a war veteran who fought in the Battle of the bulge and who was recently decorated for his military service for his country by the Somerville Veteran’s Services Department. We here at the Somerville News Weekly wish Jim all the best on his birthday with many more happy birthdays to come!
More birthday parties and greetings out there hovering around the Ville are Al Baldasaro, Gabriella Correia, Kimmie Moss, Sara Steel, Jimmy Veneziano, Judy Meredith, Carlos Moreno and Happy 14th birthday to Janelle Hamel, Joe Hamel’s beautiful daughter.
If there are any Villen Birthdays out there are that we missed, well it’s your own fault for not letting us know. But just in case, Happy Birthday to all across-the-board from The Somerville News Weekly!

We would like to take this opportunity again to thank all of our devoted readers out there for putting us on top again! As many of you know that we have received our 3000th Facebook like this past week on Facebook and we are well on our way to 4000th Facebook like by next weekend. So thank you so much for your support, its much appreciated!
Best of luck to our good friend Henry Korecki Who was undergoing surgery on Monday and we wish him all speedy recovery and all the best!
More and more info keeps landing on our doorstep everyday about what’s going on at the Somerville DPW. We hear that some friends in high places are giving the corner office the benefit and hoping that the mayor’s investigators don’t leave any stones unturned with its internal affairs investigating regarding the DPWGarage. We heard that they already know what the city’s findings and outcome should be because it should be the equivalent of and match their federal probe that has been already conducted. But just like what we said earlier, please don’t shoot the messenger because we only report the news that theses handful of misfits created. _____________________________________
On another serious question and yes down at the good old DPW again about another subject of waste that has been brought to our attention. our sources are asking the question why are we the only city that has a salt pile that is not covered keeping our valuable supply of salt from depleting in our New England season changing weather patterns. In simple English why is our salt piles left uncovered in the DPW Yard. Don’t they realize that every time it snows or even rains more and more of that valuable expensive salt that the tax payers pay for is just melted away because it’s uncovered and exposed to the elements? Drive-by Chelsea on Meridian Street and you’ll see the big red white and blue tarp covering the big salt piles and don’t you think that it’s there for a reason? Salt melts and washes away with wet weather and when it’s freezes out so doesn’t the salt, so why don’t we invest in a tarp or better yet a shed to save us thousands of tax dollars in the long run? It’s an easy question and not brain surgery or is it?
Congratulations to Somerville’s Boys’ Soccer Division 1 North and Eastern Mass Champions!
Thank you for a FANTASTIC season, Somerville is proud of you!
Support Somerville High School Scholarship Foundation Engraved Brick Campaign. Bricks permanently engraved with the names of families, students, alumni, teachers, and friends will be installed in the walk way leading to the Atrium entrance to Somerville High School.
Order your tax-deductible personalized brick(s)… for yourself… for your family…for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holiday gift… for recognition and thanks…as a tribute… in memory of a loved one or special event. The proceeds will be utilized for scholarships to help Somerville High School graduates achieve their college and other post-secondary training goals.
These lasting memorials will be the pride of the Somerville High Community and will forever commemorate the community spirit and generosity of all those who support our students. Order a name – engraved brick today: $ 125 for each brick.
SYHA is hosting a holiday party for SYHA adults on Friday December 6, 8:00 pm at Casey’s Tavern (173 Broadway, It’s a great opportunity to socialize with people you see at the rink ALL THE TIME. And it’ll be a …warmer environment….with beer and cocktails. Tickets to the event are $10 dollars per person. There will be raffles and a 50/50 during the party. A pair of Bruins tickets for December 31 game will be raffled off along with an Orleans $50 gift card, Boston Burger gift cards, 4 passes to Sky Zone and $15 dollars gift card to JP Licks.
For God sakes, would somebody please tell that publisher of that other news publication across town in the Ville to please concentrate more on his own newspaper business than that of everybody else’s papers! It sounds more like a sense of jealously or even some insecurity then professionalism! Or maybe he never heard of the old saying that “competition is good for business?” You always have something to bad to say about either the Somerville Journal or the Somerville News Weekly which are both fantastic publications and which both run circles around your rag. Both the Somerville Journal and the Somerville News Weekly newspapers are doing a fantastic job reporting a lot of good information to the community every week. So just because you don’t like them because they are cutting into your profits tough shit! Just go away and leave us alone because we nor many of others out there in the Ville don’t want to hear your ignorant stink domineer of what you have to say as well! So what part of this don’t you understand? We don’t care, people of the Ville aren’t scared of you nor intimidated with your stupid tactics anymore! Your own son publicly disowned and disgraced you four years ago so please don’t let us get into it because you won’t want us to come out with the truth in an exclusive front page column? You keep throwing these little cowardly terroristic blurbs in your stupid news talk, while cowardly hiding behind your demented little pen and keep dwelling on all these other people’s private business just because you can’t accept that they are doing better without you and you don’t like it and use your paper as a baseball bat against them like the big fu;?!(@ coward/turd that you are but you get all offensive if and when one dwells on yours which we are about to in full force on my front page if you don’t FO! We are more than prepared for you! You don’t appreciate people and that’s why nobody appreciates you! You are not human! PS: And stop calling other papers impostors, because we own the legal rights to the “The Somerville News Weekly” name not like you so check it out with the secretary of state before the nextime you shoot off your big mouth! And as a matter of fact, we also own your publication’s domain name as well, check that out while your at it!
Start becoming a part of the community instead of trying to continuously tearing it apart!
Respectively Submitted, Billy Tauro, because I have the balls to use my own name!
Ward 5 ResiStat community meeting is this Wednesday, Nov. 20th. Ward 5 includes Magoon Square, northeast Ball Square, Cedar and Lowell street areas, and northwest Porter Square. Join Mayor Curtatone, Alderman O’Keefe, City and elected officials, and your neighbors, at the Kennedy School, 5 Cherry St., from 7-8:30 p.m., to share data and talk about what’s going on in Somerville and your neighborhood. A social half-hour (with free pizza!) will run from 6:30-7. And, if you haven’t already, help shape the agenda for Wednesday by taking this survey:

Beginning on Monday, Nov. 18, City of Somerville contractors will be working on traffic mitigation efforts on School Street, which includes the installation of a traffic calming table, or raised crosswalk, at the intersection of School St. and Evergreen Ave.
Work in this area will be conducted between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., and may have some traffic impacts.
Future work may require the complete shutdown of a portion of School St. to through traffic to allow the structure to set.
Residents in affected areas will receive robot calls and other necessary information prior to any road shutdown.
If you have questions, please call the Engineering Department at 617-625-6600 ext. 5400.

Apartment for rent
1 1/2 bedroom apartment . Second floor . Washer n dryer hook up 650sq ft , plenty of storage . Off Amherst st near Holman park . Off street parking . Quiet street . First and security deposit required . 875 month no utility’s included
Available ameditly call 617 8214298 or email


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