Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:Somerville Is Messed Up


Dear Billy T and Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line,

Hi Billy just a quick note but all this new road work down around Mount Vernon Street & Pearl they are eliminating several parking spots on Mt Vernon St & Pearl by putting now handicap ramps which i have no problem, but they should have been closer to the corners because all this new reflector tape these walk ways are very wide but 4 6 spots have been taken away & its unfair!

I love my city as well but I cant take it any more with traffic congestion on Broadway & McGrath. I live on Mt Pleasant but park on Mt Vernon a very lot because no driveway but I cant wait to move getting ready to sell real soon!!!

Before I have a road rage incident I’m out of here because they destroyed this place!!! Last thing why are there no rodents at Assembly Row?
That place should be loaded with them being on the Mystic and all idk or understand how they seperated with Somerville Mt Vernon & Assembly row !!! just venting but i would love to show you the parking spots that I’m telling you about if you like. Thank you and keep up your good publicity & good luck !!

Jim Hughes

This Week’s QUOTABLE QUOTES On Beacon Hill

By Bob Katzen

“The Green Communities program helps our cities and towns make important investments at the local level to achieve their own climate goals and lower carbon emissions. This moves us forward on our clean energy path and lessens our reliance on volatile fossil fuels, lowering costs and risks for our communities and their residents and businesses.” Continue reading This Week’s QUOTABLE QUOTES On Beacon Hill


By Bob Katzen

The Revenue Committee held a hearing on a bill that would allow cities and towns to impose a local sales tax of up to two percent on alcoholic beverages sold at retail, bars or at restaurants. Municipalities that choose to impose the local tax would be required to use the revenue generated for substance abuse prevention and for protecting the public health. Continue reading ALLOW CITIES AND TOWNS TO IMPOSE A NEW 2 PERCENT ALCOHOL TAX (S 1773)