By Richard Scirocco

Within the last few weeks, the Somerville Police and Fire Department officials opened up, expressing their “lack” of any confidence in the current Administration.

After viable political candidates interviews were conducted, the results of two of Somervilles largest Unions,  The Police, and Fire have publicly declared their vote of confidence for” William Billy Tauro” to represent them as their next Mayor. “I am very pleased in the endorsements and compelled to assure the city to expect safer streets in the future” A Vote for an endorsement took place at their respective meetings, clarifying exactly where the Union membership stands with the upcoming election. It has been communicated with its membership, and, encourages all members and their families to focus support in favor of William Tauro for the next Mayor of Somerville. One member was quoted as stating “our hands have been tied long enough and the community is suffering as a result of the absentee Mayors lack of decisions ”
“I can guarantee  that better times are coming” states Tauro.  As the November election is only “Thirty Six Days Away,” voters in some of the elderly buildings and selected individuals via optional mail, have already been instructed to cast ballots. Tauro insists, that “Voting on Election Day is the best chance for success and honest results. Together, we must give everyone hope and confidence to create a safer and more stable community “. Encouragement and confidence has grown with many other smaller groups throughout the community as well as greater New England in favor of Tauro.  William Billy Tauro has vowed to address all groups and their concerns by creating a dialogue for once a month meetings with local group leaders to express their thoughts and concerns. He has been deeply involved within the community for decades. Billy Tauro has provided his personal contact number to be reached in emergencies @ 617- 293- 2016 and welcomes your feedback and suggestions.
Just a few days ago, Sweet Paws Rescue has publically endorsed William Tauro for Mayor of Somerville. Founder and spokesperson Cynthia Sweet stated “Sweet Paws Rescue would like to express our deepest gratitude for your unbridled support and fighting on behalf of animals in the Commonwealth over the years”.  Tauro played a key instrument in the State House just a few days ago assisting Sweet Paws Rescue in introducing legislative documents for the future preservation of animals. 
Tauro had also participated in several questionnaires from local organizations
such as the local Bicycle Safety Group that the current Mayor couldn’t be bothered with after only partially completing what Tauro describes as” a good start”. His responses can be viewed by accessing

Somerville City Election – 2023

In closing, Tauro stated “Please remember to come out on November 7th to cast your ballot. I appreciate your consideration, and confidence. Somerville needs every vote, and yours may be the difference.”

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