Another Case in Somerville Where the Homeowner Had No Voice and Ignored

By William Tauro

Bob Buckley, a lifelong Somerville resident shown in this photo of him standing at his front door where he has to twist his body to be able to open and close is front door located at 39 Myrtle Street in Somerville.

The gas company recently placed new gas meters on the frontside of his home with four steel poles on each side making entering and exiting his home very difficult, as well as for pedestrians trying to pass by.

As you can see in the photos, especially with the barrels out on trash day, there’s hardly room for a pedestrian to walk by. There’s no room for a baby carriage, a wheelchair nor an elderly person with a walker to pass by as well.

Before the installation of the new gas meters and steel piping were scheduled to begin, Mr. Buckley brought the tight squeeze concerns with calls to the mayor’s office as well as to the gas company’s attention that this is not feasible, and he did not want that on his house, but his cries for a smooth resolution to the problem, fell upon deaf ears and the installation was completed as shown.

The homeowner had no voice and was completely ignored and couldn’t do anything about it! Mr. Buckley was quoted “Where is the mayor’s office and the ADA in Somerville when you need them?”

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