Somerville Fire Department Marine Unit and Somerville Animal Control Saving a Swan In Distress on the Mystic River

By William Tauro

Late Wednesday afternoon, Somerville Fire fighters from the Somerville Department Fire Marine Unit and Somerville animal control officer Haley LaMonica were on a mission to help a swan in distress.

The Marine unit was trying tirelessly to assist a full grown swan that had fishing string wrapped around it’s beak. They tried several times from the shoreline and also they tried several times following the swan with the Somerville Fire Boat “Marine 1” to untangle the swan in distress but was unsuccessful in their attempts to free the swan of the fishing string. The first responders are continuing with efforts to rescue the swan and free it of the fishing string as they continue to follow the swan up the Mystic River for another shot of a successful rescue.

This story is still developing…

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