Letter from the Editor:Excessive Airplane Noise Over Somerville


By William Tauro

Has anyone noticed over the past two weeks the excessive airplane traffic noise of flying aircrafts over the City of Somerville?

Over the past two weeks I’ve had multiple Somerville residents calling in and inquiring about it, and I have noticed it as well myself. Hopefully the good folks at Somerville City Hall will see this posting and do something about it by complaining to Logan Airport officials and/or whatever department that handles this type of complaints these days.

We’ve had these problems and these types of complaints before in the past, but somebody seriously has to step up to the plate at City Hall and make that call! But seriously, I want to enjoy my morning coffee without the cup vibrating off the kitchen table!

Maybe if City Hall receives enough complaints, someone will feel compelled to actually do something about it? Remember the squeaky wheel gets the most oil!

Click on link below to see airplane flight routes over Somerville:

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